Sunday, October 3, 2010

3 DVD's You Shouldn't Waste Your Time Watching

1. Killers - Seriously, how does a film like this get made? The plot (if that's what you want to call it) was absolutely ridiculous - and the ending that somehow tried to recover from the implausible story just made it worse. If you're going to create a plot that doesn't make sense at least give it a 100%, don't wimp out. The acting was horrifying. Ashton Kutcher is sadly, laughable. I feel bad for him - I like him as a celebrity. He seems genuinely funny, charming and has a good business sense (yes, I am ignoring that horrid modeling show that was canceled after 1 episode last year). So what should Ashton do? I have no idea - but I can say definitively: He should quit acting (in films at least). He has absolutely zero chemistry with Katherine Heigl. This isn't necessarily their fault - there are many obstacles. The writing is a huge obstacle (they bond over "not puking in public" - how romantic?). The second obstacle is that the plot moves too quickly for the audience to relate to them as a couple. The third obstacle is that Katherine plays a very unlikeable woman. She is vapid and self-absorbed - claiming herself to be uncool for vacationing with her parents, then bragging about how her daddy will buy her an expensive dress (and then proceeds to rip the dress). Why would we ever root for this girl to be happy?

2. Repo Men - Let me for a second tell you how much I love Jude Law, as I don't think I have written about him yet. I am a huge fan - I fell in love with him in Music From Another Room - a film that I am sure no one has ever even heard of. Then again in eXistenZ - again no one has ever heard of it. I was so happy that he finally "made it" with his performance in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Then came 2004 - when he over-extended himself and appeared in 6 films (including one of my favorites - I Heart Huckabees) and became "over-rated" (never my opinion). He is also incredibly sexy - even with the receding hairline. I was excited for this film, not only for Jude - but also for the other actors (Liev Schreiber, Forest Whitaker and Alice Braga) and the plot, which seemed interesting. So, it's about organ transplants (artificial organs) and the industry that is behind these transplants. Basically, if you cant afford your payments on you new organs - then they will be repossessed (in a very gory way). I guess it is supposed to have some social commentary behind it but it didn't really have anything interesting to say. It was boring and meaningless. It tried to be funny at times - but wasn't. It tried to be suspenseful at times - but was predictable instead. Then the ending was insane - it didn't even try to make sense. *spoiler alert* Why on earth would you almost kill your best friend just so you can keep working together? What if he died? It was twisted and not in the fantastic sort of way. However, Jude was still sexy - so it's not a complete failure.

Cop Out - There is not much to write about this film. The only reason I saw this film is because a co-worker of mine was an extra in it (sadly, I could not find her anywhere in the film), but she insisted that it was funny. The only reason I sort of believed her is because Adam Brody is in it. He is fantastically funny - just not in this film. Tracey Morgan is always painful as is Seann William Scott (who hasn't been funny since Dude, Where's My Car). The film was predictable, irritating and pointless. And they should have kept the original title: A Couple of Dicks. At least it would have had a funny title.

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