Sunday, August 1, 2010

4 Reasons Why "Salt" Was a Disappointment

So, one of the few films that I was looking forward to this summer was "Salt", unfortunately it was not what I was expecting at is why it was a disappointment:

1. The trailer was freakin' awesome - The exchange in the beginning between Jolie and the defector is chilling- "The name of the agent is Evelyn Salt". "My name is Evelyn Salt". "Then You are a Russian spy". It seemed like an action film that you would actually have to pay attention too. Unfortunately, they put all of the good stuff in the trailer. In the film, this same exchange became almost tedious to sit through because we knew how it was going to end from the trailer. The action was decent, but nothing compared to Angie's last action flick, Wanted. The worst part of it all, was that you don't really need to pay attention at all...even if you didn't figure out the plot within the first 1/2 hour - it spells everything out for you in the end.

2. Liev Schreiber's character - I guess I should pre-face this with *Spoiler Alert* (no offense - but if you didn't figure out the big twist in the film, there might be something wrong with you). It was so obvious that Liev was the bad guy. I actually thought they showed him as the bad guy in the trailer - but I re-watched it and realized that I was wrong. I am not sure if it is just bad acting on his part - he never really seemed to want to stop Salt or if he plays a bad guy so well, I just assume him to be one in every film. Either way - they completely give it away towards the end when he claims to have seen her in the lobby (she was completely unrecognizable and if he did see her then he would have said something if he was trying to stop her). So, when the revelation comes that he is in fact, the bad guy, I wanted to scream out "DUH"!

3. Angie - I think it is fairly clear that Angie is going to be the hero in the film (has she ever done a film where she doesn't save the day?). When she "kills" the Russian president, we never see a bullet wound, and when they announce that he is dead they just say that he has no pulse but they never try to stop any bleeding (which if a CIA agent was trying to kill someone they would likely shoot them in the head or the heart and there would be lots of blood..). So, if you realize in the beginning that she didn't kill him, then the rest of the plot falls into place quite easily.

4. It was basically a really bad episode of "Alias" - They literally just took a few elements from this genius series and made it into a really bad, predictable film.

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