Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 Reason's "Party Down" Was Unjustly Canceled

With the devastating news that the Starz original series "Party Down" has been canceled, I have been forced to think of some more shows that shouldn't have been canceled (I thought of some good ones...a post will follow soon!) - But first I must give you reasons why "Party Down" should not have been canceled (or maybe another network should pick it up...Ahem...NBC...AHEM).

1. The original plot - It is probably the closest thing to Extras that America has. It is about a bunch of struggling actors/writers, but it goes even further to show how struggling actors actually support themselves (i.e cater waiter!). It becomes original because every gig that their cater waiter company does brings about a different occasion or event (birthdays, weddings, orgies...) and hilarity ensues.

2. Henry and Casey - They have an incredible chemistry together and are one of the rare couples that I actually root for. Played perfectly by Adam Scott (robbed of an Emmy nomination) and Lizzy Kaplan (all grown up from her Mean Girls days) - they actually seem to enjoy each other's company. I love watching actors when you can actually feel like they are enjoying the work that they are doing. I can't believe we won't be able to watch their relationship grow!

3. Roman and Kyle - The perfect love/hate bromance ever! These 2 deserve a spin-off! They burn each other "You're not an actor. You're a haircut." but then join forces to burn everyone around them. Ryan Hansen (Kyle) is a genius at playing the dumb but lovable struggling actor/musician - I hope I see him soon (maybe he can join Adam Scott on Parks and Recreation?). I almost died when Henry asked him if he knew how to "pop a lock" referring to opening a locked car door and Kyle starts to dance as in "pop and lock". It is something I think of if I am down - cheers me up every time. Martin Starr (Roman) continues his Freaks and Geeks character - and will likely be type casted as the geeky underdog for the rest of his career, which is fine with me - he is brilliant at it.

4. Karen Walker vs. Sue Sylvester - Season 1 featured Jane Lynch as Constance - before she hit stardom with her turn as Sue Sylvester on Glee, while season 2 featured Megan Mullally - better known as Karen Walker from Will and Grace. Sue wins - but Karen is pretty funny as well. It is too bad they can't have a season 3 with both of these actresses duking it out.

5. The best guest actors ever - McLovin as Roman's BFF? Genius. Also genius is casting some of my favorite comedians like Rachel Harris, J.K. Simmons, Ken Jeong and Thomas Lennon. But the best guest actor spots have to belong to Steve Guttenberg and Patrick Duffy (Duffles!) as themselves. Seriously funny.

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