Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Film Preview: The 10 Films That I Am Looking Forward To

I am not very excited by the choices of films this Spring, but I managed to find 10 films that I might check out in the theaters...

1. Alice in Wonderland - 3/5 - I honestly am not a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, I am not even sure if I know the whole story. Yet, I am excited by this film because I am a big fan of practically every actor involved in the film and Tim Burton is sure to bring originality to it. I am a little upset that it is being presented in 3-D (as is what seems like every other film this year!!) - I am not sure it will be worth suffering an inevitable headache afterwords. Hopefully it will still be worth seeing on a plain ole' 2D screen.

2. Green Zone - 3/12 - Another Iraq war film, this one about a U.S Army officer going rogue to search for WOMD's - pretty much a stale subject for a film, but luckily Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are sure to give us a kick-ass action flick.

3. Repo Men - 3/19 - The trailer is pretty awesome, the story sounds pretty original (although I heard it is just a copy of Repo! The Genetic Opera - which I haven't seen) and Jude Law is just pretty. I am there.

4. The Bounty Hunter - 3/19 - I haven't seen the trailer yet (maybe I should watch it after I finish this post...) but a friend of mine told me that it is laughably awful. Jenifer Aniston tends to make pretty crappy films (get back to television A.S.A.P!) - I actually can't think of one film of hers that I actually enjoyed. However, I have enjoyed Gerard Butler in every film he has been in (even the bad ones) - so that is reason enough for me to see the film.

5. Greenberg - 3/26 - I have seen the trailer several times (enough already!) and I think it looks like it is trying a little too hard. But I think it is a good move for Ben Stiller to move past gross-out humor and/or family friendly humor to an actual film about adults. Plus in one scene of the trailer I spotted my new crush, Dave Franco - yes, James Franco's younger brother. He is absolutely hysterical on the new Scrubs (probably the only reason that I have continued to watch it). Hopefully, he will launch to stardom soon.

6. Chloe - 3/26 - I can't tell for sure yet if I actually want to see this film, or if I am just impressed with the creepiness of the trailer. The plot is interesting if done well, if not done well - it probably should have been a Lifetime movie.

7. Clash of the Titans - 4/2 - 3 reasons I am excited: 1. It is based on the Greek mythological character, Perseus (One of my favorite characters - he is the one responsible for killing Medusa!) . 2. It stars Sam Worthington. 3. The original film - made almost 30 years ago- was awesome, so with all the advance in technology this film has to be even more so (at least in theory...).

8. Date Night - 4/9 - Probably going to be a mediocre film, but Steve Carell and Tina Fey together has to be at least moderately funny. Plus, if you check out the IMDB page for the film - there is a crazy amount of well-known actors listed, so I am intrigued.

9. MacGruber - 4/26 - o.k I am sort of joking. I can't believe they actually spent money making this awful SNL sketch into a film, but it has Ryan Phillippe in it and I am hoping he shows his comedic skills (he can be really Homegrown). I am also hoping for a surprise cameo by Shia LaBeouf as MacGruber's son.

10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - 4/26 - Speaking of Shia...He is obviously the ONLY reason I will see this film. I am not sure if I have seen the original, if I have obviously it wasn't that good because I don't remember it. I guess I should add it to my Netflix queue. I have to admit the trailer looks downright dumb and the title of the film is not doing it any favors.

p.s - I just remembered 2 Jennifer Aniston films that I liked - "The Break-up" and "Office Space". But I still stand firm that she makes bad films.

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