Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4 Reasons Why "The Vampire Diaries" is Must Watch T.V

So, I already posted my thoughts on "The Vampire Diaries", but the show has grown so much so that I feel it deserves another post on how awesome it is. Here is why it is must watch t.v...

1. The recently announced new cast members - A few weeks ago, they announced that Melinda Clarke - the amazing Julie Cooper (Nichols, Cooper, Atwood?) from The O.C. - would be joining the show. How could it get any better than that? Right? Well, get ready - yesterday they announced that one of my favorite television actors David Anders - Super hot Sark from Alias - would also be joining the cast. BEST CASTING DIRECTOR EVER. He/she needs to win some sort of award - there are awards for casting, right?

2. The pace of the show - it moves so quickly, you can't miss a second. They could have milked the whole "opening of the tomb" for the rest of the season, instead they opened it rather quickly only to discover Katherine wasn't in it. Now the real questions remain - where is she? and what will Damon do when he finds her? I feel like it is learning from the mistakes of other shows (Lost, Heroes etc) by answering enough questions every episode to make the audience more intrigued (and less annoyed/confused). Remember the first season of Gossip Girl, how you had to watch the entire season to find out Serena's big secret and then it wasn't even that interesting? Yah. This show is nothing like that.

3. The love triangle - I love Elena and Stefan together, but I won't be terribly upset if Elena and Damon hook up. I think they did a great job an creating believable chemistry and tension between the characters as opposed to Twilight (oh by the way...I finally watched Twilight and was incredibly disappointed! My hatred of the film was mostly due to Kristen Stewart and her unbearable acting and the lack of chemistry between her and Rob - who barely even had scenes together before they suddenly fell in love. I am sorry, but if someone I barely knew told me that he is a vampire I would not go with him into the woods by myself - no matter how hot he is - which Rob is not at all hot. o.k my Twilight rant is done for now). Plus, if the triangle aspect of the show is uninteresting to you - then there are several sub-plots going on that are all equally entertaining.

4. Paul Wesley keeps getting hotter - and skinnier (which is not necessarily a good thing - he has like 0% body fat, which can't be healthy). But more than his physical hotness - I think his acting is getting better which is making him hotter. Plus, he has had more scenes as a vampire where he gets to be all bad ass which (sadly) is super sexy. Is it March 25th yet??

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