Sunday, January 31, 2010

4 New Shows to Watch

It's that time again....mid-season pilots are here! Last year, I failed miserably at picking new shows to watch (out of the 6 shows only 2 are still on the air - "Parks and Recreation" and "Southland" - which was thankfully saved by TNT). This year I decided to narrow my choices - it's exhausting watching shows that keep getting cancelled! Hopefully my picks will be more successful this year...

1. Parenthood, NBC 3/1 - It is almost a shame that this series didn't debut last fall like it was supposed to because now it almost seems like a rip-off of Modern Family. Although seemingly more serious, it still deals with the dysfunctionality (is that a word?) of "real" families. I will forever be a Peter Krause fan, as for the rest of the cast I am a little nervous. I honestly was looking forward to Maura Tierney in this type of role (she sadly had to drop out because due to breast cancer - which is why the show was delayed). Lauren Graham is a satisfying replacement - although I never got into the whole Gilmore Girls obsession, people seem to like her. My biggest complaints are Dax Shepard (really? on the same show as Peter Krause? really?) and Erika Christensen (the girl from films like Swimfan). I guess we will see if they actually have any talent or not.

2. The Deep End, ABC 1/21 - This premiered a few weeks ago and so far it is a little weak, but I can see it developing into something great. The producers describe it as a "reboot" of the law shows - which admittedly have been a little stale lately. Watching Tina Majorino play an adult makes me feel especially old, but that is just something I am going to have to get used to. Could this be the next Grey's Anatomy or will ABC cancel it before it has a chance to develop?

3. Life Unexpected, The CW 1/18 - Also premiered a few weeks ago - so far so good. I really like the dialogue (although nothing like the wittiness of Juno as described) and the character's relationships with one and other. It is a sweet show with a unique storyline and a great cast. I think that the girl is actually kind of annoying but I enjoy Baze (Kristoffer Polaha - does anyone remember that show Miss Guided? Another great cancelled show...) and of course Dawson's Creek alum Kerr Smith - but I get the feeling he might not be on the show for very long. Hopefully producers will make him a series regular...

4. Archer, FX 1/14 - I guess I am a little late with this post because this show has premiered as well and it is absolutely fantastic. The first episode was actually really bland but the next 3 have been pee in your pants funny. I am always amazed at what animation can get away with (it follows the footsteps of Family Guy and South Park in that it is completely crass and politically incorrect). Also, some of the voice talent are actors from Arrested Development ( Judy Greer and Jessica Walter) which is a plus.

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