Monday, January 18, 2010

The Golden Globes: 11 Best Moments; 6 Worst Moments

I actually think that the Hollywood Foreign Press did a decent job at picking their winners for this years Golden Globes- I don't have any major complaints (although...while I agree that James Cameron deserves the win for the hard work that he put into "Avatar," I was secretly rooting for his ex-wife Katheryn Bigelow and I do believe that "The Hangover" is the funniest film of the year - however, I feel that "500 Days of Summer" was a better quality film). Here are my best & worst moments from last nights show....


1. Best Quote - It is a tie between Paul McCartney's "animation is not just for children... it is for adults who take drugs" and Meryl Streep's "I want to change my name to T-Bone. T-Bone Streep."

2. Best Dress - also a tie between Olivia Wilde's super sexy low cut number and Emily Blunt's sweet pink gown (which was accented perfectly by her beach wavy hair - perfect for a rainy day).

3. Best Win - Michael C. Hall finally won! His was definitely the most well-deserved win of the night.

4. Best Surprise Appearance - Did you ever think you would see Mike Tyson on the Golden Globes stage? Twice?

5. Best Genuine Speech - Drew Barrymore who made fun of her own "lisp and paralysis".

6. Best Speech - Robert Downey Jr. (a completely unnecessary win) "not thanking" anyone.

7. Best Host Ever - Most critics are bashing Ricky's performance, but I thought he was pretty funny - he did seem a little nervous and not all of his jokes worked - for the most part he did a respectable job. My favorite joke? " I like a drink as much as the next man...unless the next man is Mel Gibson." as Mel entered the stage the camera flashes to the audience gasping. Brilliant.

8. Best Fashion Risk Takers - Chloe Sevigny and Anna Kendrick - I can't say I actually liked either of their dresses, but I respect that they actually took risks. That is what fashion is about!!

9. Best Couple - Sandi B & her husband Jesse James. He never comes to awards shows with her, so you know this was definitely a special night for her - good thing she won! We just might hear her name come Oscar nomination time.

10. Best Kiss - And one of the best moments of the night...As Julianna Marguiles is making her way to the stage to accept her win she runs right into her old E.R co-star George Clooney and gave him a quick smooch. Best Television Couple Ever.

11. Best Unexpected Win - Glee! I am so happy that it stole the award from 30 Rock! I really didn't think it would. The cast looked amazing. Leah Michelle is gorgeous.


1. Worst Presenters - Tie between the pairing of Zoe Saldana/Sam Worthington and Jen Aniston/Gerard Butler - all of whom looked bored to death and literally just read the nominees and winners without any charming interactions at all. At least they are all hot...

2. Worst Upset Win - Tie between RDJ winning over JGL and Mad Men winning over Dexter. As much as I love RDJ and Mad Men - I just can't support them for the win this year.

3. Worst Dress - 3 way tie - Lauren Graham and Diane Kruger both wore hot pink prom dress disasters, while Penelope Cruz wore an off-the-shoulder lace and satin get-up that was very unflattering (yes, I didn't think it was possible either!).

4. Worst Pre-Show Interviewer - Gulianna DePandi/Rancic seriously needs to be fired. Not only does she look like an alien, she continuously makes a complete ass of herself every time she does an interview. Her questions were lame (what is your diet? seriously, it is the golden globes!) and she gets flustered when George Clooney walks by her - screaming out his name in hopes he would wave to her?! So unprofessional. Plus she looked like she was wearing tin foil - Ryan even referred to her dress as "balloon boy dress".

5. Worst Person to Present the Best Film of the Year - Seriously, they couldn't find a more substantial actor than Taylor Lautner to present Best Picture nominee 500 Days of Summer?

6. Worst Moment of the Whole Show - Seeing Michael C. Hall looking so sickly -it just about broke my heart. I hope his recovery (from Hodgkin's Lymphoma) continues to go well.

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