Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 Reasons Why "Youth In Revolt" Should Have Been A Better Film

I was really looking forward to "Youth in Revolt" - but unfortunately it was a very disappointing film - not a bad film just not as good as it should have been. Here are reasons that it should have been a better film.

1. The premise - it is based on a book (one that I actually want to read) about an awkward teen (Michael Cera) who falls in love with an unattainable girl. In order to get the girl (and compete with her "perfect" boyfriend) he decides to go to extreme measures - with the help of his alter ego (Michael Cera with a mustache). I expected a cute, coming of age comedy - similar to Nick and Nora, but the film never really developed into anything worth remembering. I didn't really find myself laughing or falling in love with the characters.

2. Michael Cera - I am getting a little nervous about Cera's career - this is his third film in a row that I didn't like (Paper Heart & Year One are the other 2). had an article about Cera's future career stating that he really needs to stop playing himself, while I sort of agree that he needs to step outside his little box - I find comfort in his past films because Cera is an awkward guy in real life and therefore he usually portrays this awkwardness amazingly onscreen (like he does so well in Nick and Nora, Juno, Superbad & of course Arrested Development) - so really why should he stop? I love watching him, even if I know his acting skills aren't being stretched to its limits. But after seeing this film I did feel like his character felt a little repetitive. I don't know what the answer is - maybe he should do a reality tv show and just play himself? Ooooh and maybe he can get Adam Brody to join him? Now that would be a celeb-reality show worth watching.

3. The other actors - Ari Graynor (love her!), Fred Willard, Steve Buscemi, Jean Smart and Zack Galifianakis are all great comedic actors - but were severely underused in the film. Newcomer Portia Doubleday was terrible as Michael's love interest - she was a poor version of Emma Stone. I also hate the never funny Justin Long.

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