Sunday, June 7, 2009

5 Reasons Why "The Hangover" Is The Funniest Movie I Have Seen In Years

Tonight I saw "The Hangover" - along with millions of others. I was forced to sit in the second row of a packed theater, luckily it was so frickin HILARIOUS that I forgot how uncomfortable I was the entire time. Here is why my stomach muscles still hurt from laughing so hard....

1. I can't tell you. - I wouldn't want to ruin the hilarity of the film for anyone, so I really can't tell you anything. However, I can say that the trailer does not spoil anything - so yes there is a tiger, a singing Mike Tyson, a baby with over sized sunglasses and the use of stun gun. BUT - there is sooooo much more than that. It consistently tops itself with every scene being funnier than the previous. The situations are ridiculous and outrageous but you won't even care.

2. Bradley Cooper - I am so proud of my Will Tippin (his Alias character). I love when someone that I have enjoyed for so long finally gets the attention he deserves. This movie proves that he is a star. (But please Bradley - cut your hair!)

3. The Credits - The whole film pretty much takes place after the Bachelor Party, what actually happened is eluded to here and there - but in the end it's all there in the photos. Absolutely hilarious.

4. It doesn't have Will Ferrell in it - I used to be a fan. His sketches on SNL were great (I still laugh at the sketch were he is Alex Trebek on Celebrity Jeopardy and Darrell Hammond is Sean Connery "The Rapist" instead of "Therapist") and I even enjoyed Old School, Elf and Anchorman, although not as much as the rest of America. But, now his films are awful. Step Brothers was trash (as was Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory and the rest of his "sport" films). Land of the Lost looks awful and I am glad that the rest of America didn't support this garbage (already being dubbed the first box-office bomb of the summer). He needs a career makeover stat.

5. It's obscene, vulgar, insensitive, sexist, politically incorrect and immature- if you don't have a sense of humor - don't see it.

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