Sunday, June 7, 2009

5 Reasons why "Breaking Bad" Got Even Better the 2nd Season

I can't get enough of Breaking Bad. It is a ridiculously amazing show and while most shows fall into a "sophomore slump" during their second season, Breaking Bad has brilliantly become even better (I didn't think it was possible!). Here is why it is successfully breaking the mold...

1. They just keep digging a deeper hole - It is following the footsteps of Weeds by not shying away from the dark side of drug dealing. Walt and Jesse just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole, simply because they are both humans dealing with the very real human emotion (or sin) of greed. They want more. They are not pleasant or appealing characters, instead they are flawed, complex and real.

2. Aaron Paul - In the first season, he was good - but Bryan Cranston outshined everyone. This season Aaron Paul is awe-inspiring. His downward spiral towards the end of the season was so gut-wrenching because as much of a douche-bag he is, we still understand his pain. His pseudo-father/son relationship with Walt is the real heart of the show, because as an audience we know that all Jesse needs is some guidance.

3. The one-eyed pink teddy bear - Some episode this season had a weird scene in the beginning, some of these scenes included this image floating in Walt's pool. It's creepy yet extremely intriguing. When the finale revealed the reason for these scenes it proved my theory that Breaking Bad has the best writers working in tv right now. To think that the entire season was preparing for this one last ohmygod moment is completely satisfying. The chaos that is sure to proceed next season is sure to create an entirely new dynamic for the characters. On a side note - someone on IMDB noted that the titles of the episodes with these beginning scenes form the phrase "Seven Thirty-Seven Down Over ABQ" - obviously someone has some time on there hands to notice such a detail, but it proves my point that the writers had the entire season planned to perfection.

4. The supporting characters - Do you like any of them? I don't. From Skylar's enough with the pregnant, nagging wife routine, to the tool that is Hank and Walter Jr stubbornly insisting to be called Flynn -they all get on my nerves - just like a real family would...

5. Nothing is resolved - and hopefully it never will be...because that wouldn't be very realistic now would it?

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