Sunday, June 7, 2009

4 Suggestions If You Are Planning On Seeing "Terminator Salvation"

I saw Terminator Salvation last week, while I enjoyed it - I have a few suggestions for anyone else who plans on seeing it....

1. See the first 3 Terminator films again - I probably would have enjoyed Salvation more if I had done this beforehand. I didn't quite understand the history behind the film because I couldn't remember the previous films. It was actually quite confusing - It's about future John Connor after Skynet has waged war against humanity, who must now save his father (who is younger than him - played by Anton Yelchin) so that his father can go back to the past to procreate with Sarah Connor- So the goal is really to save his own existence? I think? I wish they did a little re-cap before the credits or explained it a little bit for the people who are merely there as Christian Bale fans.

2. Speaking of...Don't expect too much from Bale instead be pleasantly surprised by Sam Worthington - Bale does nothing spectacular except maybe perfect the masculine whisper, however I found myself mesmerized by Worthington. Where did he come from? I immediately IMDB'd him when I got home and I am not surprised to see he has several future projects in the works including the highly anticipated Avatar and Clash of the Titans. Impressive. And Hot.

3. Don't wait for the DVD - If you plan on seeing it, definitely see it on the big screen. The action sequences are intense, the explosions are grand and the machines are way cooler than any of the previous films. The only way to appreciate such an accomplishment is in the theater. McG has a knack for visually stimulating his audience, it's a shame he doesn't have a knack for conveying human emotions or relationships.

4. Don't expect any on-screen chemistry - Christian Bale and ...Bryce Dallas Howard? Not exactly a perfect match. I'm sure Howard is a fine actress (although I have yet to see her prove this...) but being the eye-candy on the arm of an uber-hot action hero is not exactly her forte. Unfortunately, she is pregnant in the film which leads me to believe she will likely be in the next Terminator film. The other "couple" Worthington and Moon Bloodgood (no joke - that is actually her name) were at least watchable, but unsatisfying. The only actual chemistry belonged to Worthington and Yelchin - while they displayed a much more father/son (or should I say son/father?) relationship than the actual father/son relationship in the film.

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