Sunday, May 17, 2009

5 "Shocking" Moments in This Years Season Finale Episodes

This weekend I was able to catch up on all of the season finale's waiting for me on my DVR. Here are the biggest shocking finale moments:

Warning - If you have not yet caught up on your finale's yet, this contains extreme spoilers...

1. Scrubs - Ok, It wasn't exactly a "shocking" episode, but it was an absolutely beautiful episode - that is if it was for the "series finale" but shockingly ABC has decided to renew another season of Scrubs. And even more shocking is that Zach Braff and others have agreed to participate as well. So what exactly was the point of that episode? It was clearly meant to be IT. It was a perfect ending to one of the funniest shows on television. I actually really like the new characters that they have introduced this season, especially Denise or as J.D calls her "Joe." I think ABC did a great job at breathing new life into an aging series and continuing the show with the new interns is a wise choice, but why have J.D bid his farewell to everyone if he isn't actually going anywhere?

2. Celebrity Apprentice - Joan Rivers as the new Celebrity Apprentice? Shocking? Not really- if you've followed this season. Donald Trump made it clear that he favored her. Her win against Poker Champ Annie Duke was obviously unjust, but what was shocking to me was that NBC didn't edit the footage in Joans favor. She basically humiliated and berated the designer that was assigned to help her to the point where he quit and then she flat-out lied about it. Which leads an audience to wonder what else she has lied about? Why would Donald allow that to happen?

3. Grey's Anatomy - John Doe is George! What is so shocking about this revelation is that it is a complete rip-off of an E.R episode. One of the greatest E.R episodes ever (and arguably one of the best moments in t.v history), in which Dr. Gant (played memorably by Omar Epps) jumps (falls?) in front of a train. When he is rushed into the hospital, completely unrecognizable, the other doctors try to page Dr. Gant to assist them with the patient. They realize it is the same person when they check the patients persistent pager. SHOCKING. I know Greys Anatomy has been compared to E.R simply because it is about the life of doctors, but I never really saw the comparison. E.R was always obviously superior, but I enjoy Greys purely for the soap-opera like drama. However, I am supremely disappointed in their lack of creativity for the season finale. First, George is my favorite character and I refused to believe the reports that he was leaving the show. Second, did they really think people would be surprised by it with all of the spoilers circling the Internet? Third, and most important, why did they blatantly steal a story-line when they are usually great at creating shocking (or at least emotional) endings? I wasn't even upset about the possibility of George and Izzie's death because I was too pissed.

4. Lost - Shocking? Not even a little bit. How disappointing. I have watched every single episode of Lost and I can not tell you what 75% of the show is even about. Every season they promise answers, yet I get more confused and less interested in the series. When the series first debuted, I would check all the Lost fanatics websites to read other peoples theories and see if there were things that I might have missed (because you can't blink without missing something!), but now I just watch it and forget it an hour later. I was hoping this season finale would bring me back - the way the season 3 finale did - what a great way to energize the show - a flash forward! But this episode left me apathetic about the show - the supposed shocks were boring. Locke is in the coffin and walking around on the island. o.k. I already assumed that. We were introduced to Jacob, not an apparition or a person of interest, instead a new character (although I loved Mark Pellegrino on Dexter, he is definitely a welcomed addition to the show) who has supposedly been in all of their lives before. And the big white light after they Juliet detonates the bomb? I think that just brings them all back to the island (present day and in the same universal plane) which is what I am assuming Daniel Faraday knew all along. Come on Lost - you have one more season to redeem yourself.

5. Fringe - The only show that delivered an actual "shock". Fringe presented us with an alternate universal where the World Trade Center still stands tall. Insensitive? Maybe. Genius? Definitely. JJ Abrams already took fire for his film Cloverfield which presents strong images of NYC being destroyed, but I think JJ must love and respect NYC in order for him to make such a film. The idea that there is an alternate universe where 9/11 never happened (and Kennedy was never assassinated?) is a beautiful concept. 9/11 is an unavoidable subject considering it was the defining moment in our history and I feel like enough time has gone by that we can appreciate it being used to fuel creativity. I don't think it was meant to be offensive or it was used purely as "shock value," (although it was shocking) instead I feel like it was meant to show the endless possibilities of this clever and visionary show.

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