Sunday, March 29, 2009

5 Reasons Why "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" isn't a Great Show, but I Watch it Anyway

I Love Jimmy Fallon. Capital L. "Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey" was my favorite of all the "Weekend Update" casts. I was devastated when he quit SNL to pursue a "film career". He was absolutely awful in the few movies he was in, so I am happy that he has finally found his niche- hosting a talk show! The show hasn't really hit its stride yet, but it's only been on for a month - give it some time. Here are some reasons I watch the show...

1. He knows when something doesn't work - Remember "Lick it for 10?"- who thought that was a good idea? I loved he knew it didn't work and he made fun of it - he even got his pal Drew Barrymore to play just to prove how awful it was. He shows grace and humility when his jokes don't work and he laughs at himself when they do.

2. He interacts with the audience - in a good way - I would actually enjoy going to see him, because he does really fun things with the audience - like creating a shared moment by having everyone wear snuggies!

3. He has tons of famous funny friends - Some critics have bashed him for not interviewing properly, instead he just rehashes old stories with his well-known friends. But I enjoy this much more than I a plain, repetitive interview. I like to hear Tina Fey talk about the time she almost challenged a drunk girl to a dance-off or the time Jimmy told Drew Barrymore that he loves how she talks like a paralysis victim.

4. He gets celebrities to do funny things - Tracey Morgan wearing a snuggie? Challenging Serena Williams & Anna Kornikova to beer pong? Rachel Maddow mixing a "manly" drink for Jimmy? You won't find that on any other late night talk show. The real highlight? Showing a video of Jason Segel as a kid jump roping and singing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" with a Hulkster headband.

5. His awesome plea to reunite the "Saved By The Bell" cast - Finally, someone in late night who understands the important things in life. Saved By The Bell is the greatest show ever! I hope his online petition works - wouldn't it be great to see them all in the same room again??

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