Monday, March 23, 2009

3 Reasons Why I Loved "I Love You, Man"

I know it's early in the year, but I am guessing that "I Love You, Man" will be on my list for Best films of 2009. Here are just a few reasons why I loved it so much...

1. Non-stop comedy - You know how when you are watching a comedy and the beginning is hysterical but then the end starts to drag or the beginning is setting up the plot for a funny ending? This comedy will induce laughter from beginning to end. Every character is funny, every scene is funny.

2. Jason Segel - I tried to sit through How I Met Your Mother once and it was painful. I didn't really see what the fuss was about for Knocked Up (especially when the amazingly funny Superbad came out the same summer) - so I never really thought of Jason Segel as a great comedian. Yet recently I watched Freaks and Geeks and Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I really enjoyed him. There is a sincerity about him that comforts me and it seems like he's not trying too hard to get some laughs. In this film he really shines.

3. Bromance done right - The question of whether the film should be considered chic flick or guy comedy has been raised over at, but in my opinion it's both. While films like Knocked Up portray women as the nagging force that ends all the fun in a guys life, I Love You, Man does the exact opposite. It shows women having fun and wanting the guy in their life to have friends and fun outside of their relationship. Plus it shows how hard it is to make and keep friends! The awkward beginning where you meet someone and want to hang out but don't want to seem like a loser- I think everyone can relate to this. This film gets it right. Everything - relationships, friendships, dealing with co-workers, communicating, growing up, being unique and staying true to yourself. It's pretty awesome.

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