Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4 Questions I Have For the American Viewing Public

1. Why is Nicolas Cage so popular? - He doesn't make good films nor does he give good performances yet his last 3 films opened at #1. Just this past weekend, the film Knowing beat out the awesome I Love You, Man and the long-awaited Julia Roberts comeback. The National Treasure movies are laughable (not in a good way) and Ghost Rider??? Do I really even need to comment on that one? His only 2 watchable films are Matchstick Men and Adaptation, but he still sucked in both of them.

2. Why do we keep adapting BBC comedies? - Obviously the Brits know humor, but isn't it a little embarrassing that we can't come up with something original on our own? Hopefully, the recently announced Absolutely Fabulous remake wont be awful - it does have some promise with Kristen Johnston as the star. But, why not give Judd Apatow another crack at television? At least he is original.

3. Why do we take Zac Efron seriously? - His only films are the High School Musical franchise and Hairspray. Why does this make him a full-fledged movie star? He can't actually act as far as I can see, yet his passing of the Footloose remake and eyeing another film is the top headline today. Who cares? If you want to watch a former Disney star with some real talent - watch Shia Labeauf. A Guide to Recognizing your Saints truly showcases his craft, but Disturbia proves he will be the next great movie star.

4. Why are there 3 CSI's in the top 10 highest watched shows every week? - CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:NY - are these not essentially the same show just different locations? Don't you get bored watching the same thing every night?? I admit I don't watch shows on CBS - I've tried and every time have been disappointed. It might be a good show, but why watch all 3?

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