Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best & Worst of 2008 - Films

Here are my favorite films of 2008 in no particular order...

1. Burn After Reading - A screwball comedy from the Coen Brothers that is, at times, absolutely absurd, yet always laugh-out-loud funny. Plus you can't really go wrong with that cast.

2. Cloverfield - I will support J.J. Abrams no matter what, but this movie is actually awesome. Some people found it hard to watch (shaky camera movement, an attack of NYC still a sensitive issue, no character development -these are just a few complaints I have heard) - I get it. But once you get past that, it is a brilliant movie. I promise.

3. Milk - Poignant, inspiring and brilliantly casted.

4. Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist - Incredibly fun, irresistibly sweet, sarcastically witty and rebellious of the typical teen romantic comedy. I found myself smiling through it's entirety. ( I was also inspired to read the book!)

5. In Bruges - An unpredictable crime thriller/black comedy that showcases the fact that Colin Farrell can actually act.

6. Wanted - An absolutely genius action movie. The visual effects are thrilling and mind-blowing. BUT - It's not just a bunch of action sequences thrown together, it has a unique story and convincing character development. Plus James McAvoy was a surprising yet brilliant choice as our next action hero.

7. Quantum of Solace - Not as good as Casino Royale, but still impressive. Right now Daniel Craig can do no wrong.

8. Baby Mama - Is there anyone funnier than Tina Fey right now? Yes. Amy Poehler. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes.

9. The Dark Knight - Severely long, yet impressive in plot, character development and well-paced action. Oh and do I even have to mention Heath Ledger's performance?

10. Role Models -This is a surprisingly endearing and sentimental comedy. It's consistently funny, yet has a heart-warming theme of being yourself, accepting responsibility and enjoying life.

And the films I hated....

1. The Happening - I actually vote this as "worst movie ever." Zooey Deschanel & Mark Walberg are horribly miscast and the actual "villain" is ludicrous. Oh and will someone please count how many times any character actually says "It's Happening...".

2. The Women - I was too distracted by Meg Ryan's plastic face to pay attention to the rest of the movie. But from what I did see- the film just presents us with catty, bitchy, whiny women...who wants to see that?

3. The Love Guru - How did this movie get made? I didn't laugh once. Is Mike Myers that out of touch with comedy?

4. Leatherheads - Some of the film is entertaining, but I expect more from George. There was too much going on - which left the film unfocused and cluttered.

5. 88 Minutes - Choppy editing, bad overacting and it is missing the most important part of any film - a point! I was hoping for Al Pacino's character to get killed within the first 20 minutes.

6. Over Her Dead Body - Although can be considered "cute" by some (my mother), overall is predictable, stereotypical and ridiculous.

7. The Ruins - I was under the impression this was supposed to be a horror film...? It bordered on the same themes as The Happening (nature vs humans) and it was just as laughable.

8. Mad Money - ok I didn't actually watch this movie, but it was the in-flight movie during one of my flights and watching it without sound was bad enough, I can't imagine the torture if I had actually put my headphones on.

9. Meet Dave - I didn't watch this either, but the trailer was bad enough.

10. Prom Night - I enjoy the occasional teen scream movie, but this one was boring and predictable. I found myself screaming at the screen, but not in a good way.

There are still some films that I have to see this year in order for my list to be more accurate, so my best & worst list may change upon seeing these films...

1. Vicky Christina Barcelona
2. The Spirit
3. Australia
5. Slumdog Millionaire
6. RockNRolla
7. Doubt
8. Frost/Nixon
9.Wendy & Lucy
10. What Doesn't Kill You
11. Revolutionary Road
12. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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