Monday, December 15, 2008

5 Reality Shows That Are Acceptable to Watch; 5 That Are NOT!

I am fed up with "reality tv" monopolizing my television! However, there are a very select few that are acceptable to watch -

1. Project Runway - The contestants actually have a creative talent and are given interesting tasks to complete. Plus the judges are real experts in the field of fashion and also entertaining. The contestants have their entire career at stake because the winner has a real chance at making it in the fashion world. Plus, like Tim Gunn, the audience will develop an emotional attachment to the contestants.

2. The Soup - ok, more talk show than reality show - but it makes fun of reality shows and is therefore hilarious. My crush on Joel McHale grows deeper with every episode. The show is sarcasm at its finest.

3. The Girls Next Door - Call me crazy, but the girls of the playboy mansion are freakin hilarious. What will they do now that they are no longer Hef's girlfriends? EASY - Do the show without him. It was always somewhat creepy when he appeared anyway.

4. Any show about modeling - America's Next Top Model, Make Me a Supermodel and please-oh please tell someone at VH1 to bring back America's Most Smartest Model. Who doesn't like seeing pretty people being completely humiliated? I prefer Make Me a Supermodel because it is a quality show - it has expert judges (the adorable Nikki Taylor & the smokin' hot Tyson Beckford), attractive contestants (both male & female) and demanding challenges (photo shoot in Times Square in the middle of winter!) . But then again America's Next Top Model has Tyra. Having Tyra show the contestants how to "smile with your eyes" is absolutely priceless. No Tyra we are not laughing with you - we are laughing AT you. It's genius tv.

5. Extreme Home Makeover - I've never actually watched this show, but from what I hear it does good things for good people so it is therefore acceptable for my television.

NOT ACCEPTABLE - Please stop watching these shows - you are ruining tv for everyone!!!

1. Dancing with the Stars - It's the #1 show on tv most of the time and it is clearly the downfall of America. It's fascinating that watching d-list celebrities learn how to dance is that appealing. It has also spawned even worse shows about teaching a d-lister a specific talent (Celebrity Circus, Celebracadabra etc..). I understand the obsession with celebrities, but this is taking it too far. Not to mention the judges are super annoying.

2. Shows that follow a celebrities "real" life - I.e Denise Richards: It's Complicated, Living Lohan, Pam - Girl on the Loose. Again with the celebrity obsession. We know this is not "you being you" - this is "you being on camera". We also know that you are desperate, attention-seeking morons who will do anything for the spotlight - even exploit your own children.

3. Celebrity Dating shows - Ok, Maybe The Bachelor was tolerable when it first aired, but some genius combined my hatred of celebrity reality shows with The Bachelor and has spawned a never-ending progression of crap tv! Who really wants to date Bret Michaels? Tila Tequila? FLAVOR FLAV?? Come on people! It wont stop until YOU STOP WATCHING!

4. The show that has David Hasselhoff as a judge - Enough said.

5. The spin-off ideas from Project Runway - Stylista, Blush - They don't compare. They just gather a bunch of their craziest applicants and give them even crazier challenges. Project Runway is a serious competition, these shows are just pure garbage.

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