Friday, March 16, 2018

3 Thoughts on Thoroughbreds

1. As a debut feature - I am stunned that this is a debut feature for writer/director Cory Finley. I wasn't as impressed with the movie as some critics, but for someone's first try??? HOLY MOLY. I can't wait to see what this guy does next. Everything about it was top-notch: the script, the acting, the perfect musical cues and sound design, the pace, and the cinematography. Honestly, if felt like a Sofia Coppola film, but, like, actually good (I want to like her films, I really do!). There was still something a little off about it, that I can't really put my finger on. It's not a film that I think I'll remember in a few years, nor do I want to watch it again. However, it is an extremely well-made film.

2. The leads - If you asked me to list my favorite young female actresses, both Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy would be on it. Olivia Cooke is probably in my Top 5 - she was spectacular in Bates Motel (and not even a touch of her British accent was heard through the entire series), plus she reminds me of a mix between Rachel Leigh Cook (who I adored as a teen in the 90s) and Winona Ryder (one of my all-time favorites). Anya Taylor-Joy was the only reason to watch The VVitch (sorry, that movie was booooooring as fuck), and she stood out against one of the best performances of last year (James McAvoy in Split). She is going to be a star. It was a treat to watch these two actresses in a film together; one that relies heavily on their likeability, but also their coldness (hard combination to perfect). Also, this was Anton Yelchin's last role - he died only 2 weeks after filming this movie. Such a sad loss.

3. True psychopaths - The film touts the description as "Heathers meets American Psycho", and, well they're not wrong. It does definitely have a Heathers feel (especially with Cooke resembling Winona Ryder so much), and these girls could definitely live in Patrick Bateman's psychopathic world view. The creepy scenes of them practicing crying, emotionless tales of killing animals, and ease of lying to others is fascinating to watch. I like that they hatch a plan to kill someone who is supposedly "evil" - but they never really give the audience a reason to root for his death (yes, he's a dick, but he doesn't deserve to die for it). Speaking of, I spent the film trying to figure out how I recognize the step-father, until I could finally look it up when it was over - it's the guy from Waco (that I had just finished watching a few days earlier). Anyone watch it? I thought it was interesting, but also very frustrating. Anyway, I really enjoyed this movie right through the very satisfying ending. Unfortunately, it's a 2017 listed film even though most didn't have access to it until now. I don't think it will make into my updated list, but I think this is going to be like The Lobster with people including it in both years so maybe I'll include it for this year.

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