Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer TV Preview: 9 New Shows to Watch

Let's face it - television has taken over. I barely have time to watch movies nowadays because I'm on a never-ending quest to catch up on the next "best new television series" (it's seriously like every single one is declared as "THE BEST"). Usually the summer time is a nice quiet time in the land of television - making it easier to catch up on films (or go outside, if that's what tickles your fancy). BUT NOT THIS YEAR. According to Entertainment Weekly, there are 75 shows airing this summer (new and continuing), which is insane. It was hard for me to narrow it down to just 9 shows, but I have to have some semblance of a life. Here are the new shows that I will be watching:

1. Friends From College (Netflix) - I usually separate out Netflix and other streaming services from prime-time and premium channels. I don't see the point of doing that anymore because watching Netflix shows has become just as prevalent as watching any other show. Friends from College is my most anticipated show of the summer. Mostly because it stars Fred Savage - and I think he's great. But also because it's about 6 friends living in NYC. No-one has been able to pull that off successfully since Friends (Happy Endings came close), but if anyone is going to do it, it's Netflix.

2. GLOW (Netflix) - If you weren't a little girl growing up in America in the late 80s/early 90s, then I'm not sure you understand the significance of GLOW. It was the greatest thing ever. It was the only show that featured all women (of different ethnicities and backgrounds - even if it was cliched and stereotyped) being strong, funny, and beautiful. It was so over-the-top ridiculous, but as a child, I LOVED it. I have very fond memories of when my cousin and I used to watch the show and then wrestle each other. This show will be pure nostalgia for me, but I'm also really happy that it stars Alison Brie, because she is super, and that Jenji Kohan is an executive producer (Weeds is still among my favorite shows ever).

3. Still Star-Crossed (ABC) - OhmyGod, so ridiculous, but I HAVE to watch it. I'm a Shakespeare junkie. And even though Romeo and Juliet is not my favorite - I'm sort of obsessed with all of the adaptations. This show is about the "aftermath" of the ending of this love story, and that is actually a fantastic idea - and something completely unexpected for Shonda Rhimes to be a part of. Her shows are having less and less of an impact for me - mostly because they get dragged out too long (Grey's Anatomy is barely watchable these days), but Scandal remains a "must-watch" - and I'm soooooo relieved that they are ending it next year. It's much better to go out on top, in my opinion. Anyway, I think this will be one of those fun summer shows that's not meant to be anything more than that.

4. The Sinner (USA) - Well now, if you told me I would be excited for a new television show starring Jessica Biel, I would never believe it. I've seen Jessica in several movies, and every single time, she is the weakest link of said movie. However, I am always open for performers finding their groove, and this looks like it could be "the one" for her. The premise is excellent - it begins with a woman at the beach with her kids who suddenly violently kills a "stranger" sitting next to them at the beach. It sets up a really cool mystery about finding out who this woman actually is, while also knowing that she is obviously guilty. I'm intrigued.

5. Ozark (Netflix) - A Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston sitcom has been the dream for a while now, but I'll settle for a Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Netflix drama. In the same vein as Breaking Bad (still my favorite show ever), it's a story of a man trying to provide for his family and getting mixed up in bad shit. I'm not used to Bateman in a serious role (I know he's done them, and yet nothing comes to mind), so that could be hard to get used to, but Linney is always fantastic - right up there with my favorite actresses.

6. Gypsy (Netflix) - And speaking of favorite actresses - Naomi Watts in a Netflix Drama?!? HOLY SHIT I AM SO IN. The series description reminds me of In Treatment just with a female therapist instead (and speaking of, I don't think I ever finished In Treatment, but I did like it. Something I will have to look in to...). But you know what, it doesn't even matter. I will watch anything with Naomi.

7. Will (TNT) - Again, Shakespeare junkie. I will totally watch a ridiculous summer drama about his life (described as his "younger, rowdier days"). I'm not sure that there is an audience for these type of historical biography shows - there a few of these type of shows making the rounds and I don't hear anyone talking about them (most recently with Genius - the series was on my list, but I've literally heard nothing about it, so it must not be good...right?). It's interesting that they picked a complete newcomer for the starring role of Will. That's a bit of a risk nowadays considering that most series' are now getting acclaimed, award-winning actors to star. It's exciting though. I'm rooting for him.

8. I'm Sorry (truTV) - First, what the fuck is truTV? I've never heard of it. Second, Andrea Savage is hilarious, so I love that she is starring in a new show. And Third, I really, really, really would love to see Tom Everett Scott hit it big. He's such a great actor, and proved that he can carry a movie with That Thing You Do!, but then his career never really took off - instead he was cast in bit parts here and there (most recently in La La Land, in which I don't even think he had more than 3 lines in the whole thing). I doubt this is the project that is going to get him acclaim (again it's on a network that I've never even heard of), but maybe if it's good, people will take more notice of him.

9. Marvel's The Defenders (Netflix) - This could go either way, really. If it's anything like season one of Daredevil or Jessica Jones, then I will be really happy. Season two of Daredevil was horrible (mostly because of Elektra - seriously, fuck her), Luke Cage killed off their best character waaaaaay too soon without having a solid replacement, and Iron Fist was really boring. I will happily watch this series though, and wish for the best.

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