Thursday, May 19, 2016

3 Thoughts on Money Monster

1. Why is the title so bad? - No, for real, why is it so terrible? It makes sense with the film because it is the title of show that Clooney's character hosts, but I'm pretty sure we are supposed to interpret his show as a terribly cheesy and ridiculously camp tv show - and therefore the title of "Money Monster" is perfect. I mean, Clooney attempts a rap, and dances (if you can call it that). It's the epitome of cringe-worthy. But, giving the movie the same title implies a terribly cheesy and ridiculously camp movie, and it's not. I just don't get the motivation behind it.

2. Why did they give everything away in the trailer? - Unfortunately, I saw this trailer twice in the theater. I've been so good at staying away from trailers, but I do like to watch them before a movie on the big screen. This trailer, though, is EXACTLY why I've been avoiding them. It literally gives the entire movie away, even in the same order of events. It's really not necessary - this is a movie starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, directed by Jodie Foster, and it has a solid plot. It sells itself. I'm pretty sure I could have edited a trailer for this film that would have audiences flocking to it in droves. Instead, because of the off-putting title, and the over-exposed plot in the trailer, it's going to fizz out of the cinema and be forgotten by next month.

3. Why did I still enjoy it? - It's still a solid 3 star movie. It's not really a new story, and they simplified the villain into one person to represent capitalism, which is problematic and a bit boring/expected. Yet, the stars sell it, it has some funny moments, it moves quickly and I just adore Jack O'Connell. His accent was misguided, but he still did a wonderful job. The scene when his girlfriend calls is heartbreaking (and frustrating), but it was unexpected (because the call, itself, wasn't featured in the trailer) and this is what the film could have used more of.

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