Friday, April 29, 2016

Summer Movie Preview: 13 Movies That I'm Excited For

1. Captain America: Civil War (5/6) - While I'm not as excited about this movie as everyone else, I'm not not excited. I'm looking forward to the introduction of Black Panther and I've already heard great things about the new Spidey. Also, the last Captain America was far better than the last Avengers movie. However, I still don't really like the idea of superheroes fighting each other. I feel like they already covered that idea in Age of Ultron and it was one of the reasons as to why that movie was so dull. I think it's interesting that most people claimed "team cap" way before the movie was released, because as much as of an asshole that Tony Stark/Iron Man is, I'm pretty sure he is on the right side (morally), while Steve just wants to save his friend. I still don't really get the whole Bucky thing, but man, people really take that shit seriously.

2. Money Monster (5/13) - The title of this movie is so off-putting, but the trailer looks pretty intense (and gave away the whole story...grrrrr). It looks like one of those Denzel Washington movies from the 90s (John Q comes to mind. Was that 90s? I'm too lazy to look it up.). The talent involved is pretty great - Roberts, Clooney, directed by Jodie Foster - but, I'm really excited for Jack O'Connell. He's picking some really challenging roles, and he is KILLING it. He will always be Cook from Skins, to me, but he is super talented, so it's nice to see him succeed.

3. The Nice Guys (5/20) - I don't actually think this looks very funny. I've seen the trailer twice, the first time I was mildly entertained, but didn't really understand what everyone was laughing at; the second time, it was almost painful to watch. The jokes just don't land at all. But it's Ryan Gosling. So, I'm there.

4. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (5/20) - I LOVED the first one. I thought it was hilarious. It even made my first installment of top 10 movies of 2014 (but it eventually got cut). I'm surprised that I only saw it one time so far, because there are so many moments that are burned in my memory. That movie made me a Zac Efron fan. He did such a great job, along with Dave Franco. Rose Byrne was obviously my favorite part, so I hope her amazingness continues here. I didn't even know they were making a sequel until I saw the trailer, and it had me in a fit of laughter (particularly, when the girls are jumping on the car and Rogen is quietly protesting.).

5. X-Men: Apocalypse (5/27) - I'm so lost with the X-Men universe, but I've seen every movie. There are too many timelines and too many generations and too many characters. Yet, I tend to enjoy each movie to some degree. Probably because of the cast (*cough* James McAvoy). There are even more characters being introduced in this one, with Olivia Munn as Psylocke (yes, please) and Oscar Isaac as the villain (meh...). But my favorite newcomer to the series is Tye Sheridan as Cyclops! He's awesome!

6. Swiss Army Man (6/17) - Oddly referred to as the "farting corpse movie", I am only really interested in this movie because I used to work with the producers. They've made some interesting choices lately, so I have faith that this will be interesting as well. I don't really know anything else about it, and hopefully I can keep it that way (it's definitely easier with smaller films to stay in the dark).

7. The Neon Demon (6/?) - I'm going to try my best to not watch the trailer, but I will probably break soon. I'm a big fan of Nicolas Winding Refn - his films are always interesting and beautiful, with Drive being a rare "perfect" film. I'm also a big fan of Elle Fanning - she was wonderful in Super 8, I'm excited to see her in a young adult role.

8. Independence Day: Resurgence (6/24) - I don't know if I can fully get on board an Independence Day movie without Will Smith. And then, they went and re-cast Mae Whitman's role as the president's daughter?! What the fuck. I almost want to boycott it for that reason, alone. But I won't. I'm a sucker. Of course, I have to see this movie.

9. Ghostbusters (7/15) - Okay, okay...I sort of get the outrage. I don't really think a remake for this movie is necessary, and an "all female" cast is just as sexist and exclusive as an "all male" cast. The thing is, Paul Feig has done incredible things for women in comedy, with both Bridesmaids and The Heat, I don't know why he (or they) felt the need to "announce" that this movie was going to be "all female". Making it into a big thing, has made it a big thing. He could have just been like "I'm making a Ghostbusters movie and this is the cast". I hate the whole "separate but equal" thing that is happening with the feminist movement. I just want to be equal. I don't need Huffington Post to send me a link of the funniest things that women said on the internet. I don't need for people to declare that they are watching 52 movies made by women this year. It's really grating. Anyway, back to the movie. I saw the trailer, and I really didn't think it looked very good, but I'm still curious. I love Kristen Wiig so much (she is one of my favorite actresses right now. Yes, seriously.) and Melissa McCarthy is great in ensemble comedies. I don't know much about Kate McKinnon or Leslie Jones (I haven't watched SNL in forever), but I admit that every time I see a still shot of McKinnon, I think it's Elizabeth Banks, and then I get really disappointed that it's not.

10. Jason Bourne (7/29) - FUCK YES!!! I'm so glad that Damon is back! I didn't mind the Renner one, but it's just not the same. The Bourne series, as a whole, is incredible; each movie really has its own strengths, but there is a cohesion among them (even the Renner one) that brings them all together. I'm excited for the story to continue.

11. Bad Moms (7/29) - I don't really know much about this movie, but it has Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn, so I'm instantly interested.

12. Suicide Squad (8/5) - I was super weary of this movie, but then the trailer arrived and I instantly jumped on board. It's now probably my most anticipated movie of the summer (it's a strong tie between this and Jason Bourne). Like most people, I adore Margot Robbie - to think, just four years ago she was a supporting role in Pan Am, now she is EVERYWHERE. I don't really understand the obsession with Harley Quinn, but I don't really know that much about the character so I'm willing to give her a shot. This definitely has an interesting cast - I would never expect Will Smith to do a role like this, it's such an ensemble role. I love Jay Hernandez and Joel Kinnaman. I'm extremely nervous about Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne (both are not good actors). And Jared Leto could go either way, really. I really hope the tone of the movie is the same that is featured in the trailer.

13. War Dogs (8/19) - Jonah Hill has really stepped up as an actor, and this movie looks like another strong step. Partnered with Miles Teller (YES!), this story is a crazy one, and it definitely looks like it will make for a fascinating movie (and hopefully darkly hilarious, as well).


  1. Heroes fighting heroes bugs me too. Especially because practically every single one of Marvel's big event crossovers since the Civil War comic 10 years ago is about just that, even since the 'All New, All Different' reboot, that promised major change. *sigh*

    As for 'Neighbours', I much prefer the Australian title of Bad Neighbours. Less vague and nondescript. haha! I'm looking forward to that sequel too. The trailer looks amusing!

    1. I don't really know much about the comics, but surely there is more to tell than just having them fight each other!

      Yah...Bad Neighbors is a much better title!