Thursday, August 6, 2015

3 Thoughts on Ant-Man

1. The Marvel Universe - I don't really pay much attention to the Marvel versus DC stuff, to be honest. I just like (good) superhero movies. I'm always game for a new character, because really how many times can I sit through Robert Downey Jr., bored as fuck, spouting out one-liners for a paycheck? In general, I think I prefer DC stuff because I find the material a little bit more complex and the characters have more depth. However, there are several Marvel movies that I love because they are a blast (like the first Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy). I didn't know anything about Ant-Man going in to this movie and honestly, the idea of the character sounds a bit....stupid. But, they made it work, I guess. It's a much better character introduction than both Thor and Captain America received, in my opinion.

2. Michael Pena is the best - If you didn't already expect Michael Pena to be the best part of this movie, then you may have been watching movies all wrong. He's the best part of EVERY SINGLE MOVIE he's been in. I listed him in an "underrated actor" list all the way back in 2009 (I can't believe I've been writing on this blog for that long). He's absolutely hilarious in this movie. He steals every scene, to the point where I was anticipating his next scene so much that I forgot to pay attention to other characters. The rest of the cast was strong, as well, but Michael just brings the charisma to an all-time high. I've been a fan of Paul Rudd since Clueless (which was 20 FUCKING YEARS AGO YOU GUYS!!!), but I was nervous about him in a superhero role. I was also nervous about "Freckles", because I've never seen her in anything but Lost, but they both exceeded my expectations. The only fault I would find with casting is that Judy Greer is not given enough material (which could be said for Jurassic World as well). When is this woman going to be given a starring role? Also, if you are a fan, then you should be watching Married. She rules. And I didn't even realize that was T.I., until after the movie. I couldn't figure out why I knew him, but his voice sounded really familiar. Ha! How dumb am I? Seriously.

3. The post-credits scenes - For the first time ever, I actually felt like it was worth staying for the post-credits scenes. The first one was a brilliant take-down of the non-existence of female superhero leads. It was oddly aggravating watching Evangeline Lily get constantly told she can't wear the Ant-Man suit. There isn't really a credible reason for this, other than an over-protective father. The fact that he realizes that she is an adult who can make her own choices, and that she is more than capable of superhero status is a check in the win column for feminism. Although, it would have been a bigger win if she just said "fuck it, I'm doing it" without her fathers "permission", but I'll take what I can get. The second scene is a preview into Captain America: Civil War, which shows a captured Bucky. I wasn't too excited, because I really don't get the love for this character, but then Falcon says he "knows a guy", referencing Ant-Man. So, Ant-Man is going to be in Civil War....? AWESOME! Wait, he's bringing Luis with him...right?

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  1. While on one hand, it's a shame that Ant-Man has been released such a short time after Age of Utron, leaving the rest of the year bare of MCU movies, at least there's been Daredevil, and will be the upcoming Netflix series of Alias! I can't wait!...Oh, and no, not THAT Alias, sadly.