Friday, July 17, 2015

Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Bad, and The Snubbed

The Good: 

-TATIANA MASLANY! The category for Lead Actress in a Drama is extremely tough - causing a lot of snubs (more on this further down), but Tatiana DID IT, YOU GUYS! Usually, a nomination would be enough, but I'm pushing for the win. She deserves it.

-Mad Men is a given, but there was a moment where I thought it might get snubbed for its final season. I mean, it was inexplicably ignored at the Golden Globes last year, so sometimes the "givens" aren't exactly that. I'm really hoping that 8(?)time nominee, Jon Hamm, will finally win because, HOLY SHIT, how does he not have a shelf full of Emmys? Also, Christina Hendricks was divine this season (as always), but her "I want to burn this place down" deserves all of the Emmys.

-The "5-0" episode of Better Call Saul is one of the best episodes of television from this past season, so the writing is definitely worthy of a nomination, and the episode heavily featured Mike, portrayed brilliantly by Jonathon Banks. So happy that he is being recognized for his continued work with this character.

-I'm sorry, but I think it's hilarious that Girls is finally being snubbed. It's such a garbage television show. I don't know how I made it through the horrific first season. Not only is the writing terrible, the acting is even worse. I don't hate Lena Dunham as much as the real "Lena Dunham haters" do, but I just don't really think she's funny. There's just too many great comedic efforts on television right now to honor mediocrity.

-Speaking of great comedic efforts, hooray for Parks & Rec!! And Louie!! And Veep!! Consistently funny, smart, and honest.

-Cicely Tyson gave one of the most memorable performances this past year on How to Get Away with Murder. So memorable, in fact, that I'm pretty sure the Emmy already has her name engraved on it.

-One of my favorite people ever, Pamela Adlon, is hilarious on Louie. She's been nominated before for writing, but never for acting.

The Bad: 

-I don't really get the love for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Some of the episodes are funny, but overall I found it just "ok", certainly not an Emmy worthy show. Ditto for the performances - I've never been a fan of Jane Krakowski (even on 30 Rock), and the Guest love for Tina Fey and Jon Hamm is just ridiculous. There are much better comedies - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my favorite comedy on television and it is consistently ignored. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episodes, Archer, Nurse Jackie, Mom are all better shows.

-ADAM FUCKING DRIVER. Why won't he just go away?! He's a major reason as to why Girls is such a terrible show, and so hard to watch.

-American Crime is another show that is just blah. This whole "Limited Series" nonsense is just a loophole for mediocre shows. There is no way this could compete with the dramas on television this year. Ditto for AHS: Freak Show. I'm a fan of the AHS series, and some seasons are nomination worthy but this season was its worst (I'm okay with Finn Wittrock getting nominated, though, because Dandy blew everyone else away).

-Elizabeth Moss. I know, I know. Everyone loves her. I don't. I wish the whole show could be redone with someone else cast in the role. It probably would be my favorite show ever, if someone else were in her role. However, I will bow down to that one epic scene she had towards the end of the series. I'm not sure that had anything to do with her, though.

-Grace of Monaco. Hahaha! What? How did this happen?

The Snubbed: 

- The best show on television (now that Mad Men is done) is The Americans. It's a slow burn type of show, but man it's so satisfying. It did receive a writing nomination and a nomination for Margot Martindale (yay!), but it should have been in the Drama Series category (take out Homeland), and Lead Actor and Actress category. There should also be a special category for "Most Memorable Scene That Will Be Burned Into Your Memory Until The End Of Time" for that luggage scene.

-I thought Vera Farmiga was another "given", but that didn't seem to pan out. As I said above, Lead Actress in a Drama is the toughest category. So many snubbed - Farmiga, Julianna Margulies, Kerry Washington, Ruth Wilson, Anna Gunn, and Keri Russell - all AMAZING. However, I don't know who should get taken out. Viola Davis and Robin Wright deserve to be there, and I've heard great things about Taraji P. Henson. My 6 picks would be: Maslany, Russell, Farmiga, Margulies, Davis, Wilson. Geez, that was difficult.

-The Affair was completely ignored, which is a little surprising since it received such an awards push with the Golden Globes. It's a great show - better than Homeland. 

-I know it didn't have a shot in Hell, considering it's never been an awards favorite, but the last season of Parenthood was fucking perfect. Something would have been nice.

-Another long shot? Daredevil. Superhero and science fiction shows are always ignored, but I thought since it was from Netflix is might get some recognition. Vincent D'Onofrio is brilliant - one of the best villains since Arvin Sloan and Sark (Alias always got the bad guys right).

-Snub for Hannibal? Okay...FINE. However, the directing for that show is sublime. It's so fucking beautiful.

-Jonny Lee Miller is killing it as Sherlock Holmes in Elementary. This past season has had some really heartbreaking storylines that he excelled at.


  1. Pamela Adlon is in Louie? Oh Awesome! I'll have to watch that right away! I've been a fan of her ever since Grease 2! Why's she one of your favourite people ever?

    1. She's hilarious! You definitely need to watch Louie - it's really great. She was also in Californication.