Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thoughts on 5 Films

1. The Guest - I heard really good things about this movie, plus it is from the same people who are behind You're Next. I really, really liked that movie. It didn't scare me, like I was hoping it would, but I still thought it was really cool. It had a great cast, it was well-written, had great surprises and a killer soundtrack. I feel the same way about this movie. It was not what I was expecting, at all. I figured it would be predictable; a guest turns out to be a serial killer - not exactly new territory. However, the whole military thing, throws the story in a new direction, and then the even bigger Bourne style twist is super cool. I think the only issue that I have, is the ending. It's way over the top and I started to lose interest. Overall, though, I was impressed. Not quite as strong as You're Next, but I appreciate the effort - and look forward to the next project. I didn't really think Dan Stevens was hot on Downton Abbey, and I didn't even really recognize that it was him in this movie. He is HOT, in this movie - like a Ryan Gosling, quiet, mysterious type of hot. He's quite good in this movie. Also, is this what has become of Ethan Embry?!? A two minute cameo in a horror movie? How sad is that?

2. Frank - I guess I just don't "get it". I saw this movie on several "Best of" lists, from people who I usually trust, and.....I just don't get it. I liked the beginning; I even laughed at a few things, but after 40 minutes, I was bored to death. It was just so repetitive, and then it got downright depressing (and not in the good way; in the "why the fuck am I watching this" way). Another thing I don't get: Domhnall Gleeson. I mean, he's cute in an awkward sort of way, but he's also really annoying. Also, Michael Fassbender with an American accent? NO, THANKS. It was so hard to listen to (it sounded like James McAvoy's American accent in Wanted, which was terrible, but at least I got to look at James McAvoy for 2 hours). I just....don't get it.

3. This is Where I Leave You - Probably one of the best assembled casts of 2014, but such an awful, boring, trite movie. I just don't get movies about families like this, that are supposedly "dysfunctional"; it's just silly to think that these people don't understand how lucky they are. They have problems (just like literally every single person on Earth), AND they have a built in support system (unlike many people), so in my head, I just shout "shut the fuck up!". The best part of the movie is Rose Byrne (she is always the best in everything, except, maybe Damages because Glenn Close rules), and she's not in it nearly enough. I didn't like Adam Driver in Girls (from the one and only season I somehow managed to get through), but I thought it was just because his character is annoying as fuck, but no...I don't like him in this either. His timing seems to be off with every line he says (which is a problem in this movie because he was given many of the "funny" lines that land with a big fat thud). I don't see him as the "star" that some are making him out to be. The story was pretty predictable, although there are some surprises that I felt like were thrown in as an afterthought. Overall, it lands on my worst list of 2014, because there is just nothing of any entertainment or artistic value of note.

4. Let's Be Cops - This should be a funny movie, but it really isn't. It's just dumb. It makes me really appreciate 21 (and 22) Jump Street, because it's similar "buddy cop for the new generation" territory, but it's done so poorly. I like both of the leads, and I like their chemistry on New Girl, but it just doesn't translate on film well. It's set up as two nice guys who can't catch a break, but they both seem like assholes from the very beginning, so I don't really root for them. Plus, I don't really understand how girls suddenly think they are hot because they put on a cop uniform (but I've never really understood the cop, thing. You fundamentally HAVE to be an asshole to be a cop. It's just part of the job description. I have respect for most cops and appreciate that they devote their life to keeping people safe, but I would never, ever date a cop. Period.). The best part of the movie is Elena from The Vampire Diaries, only because I love her, and have a super, duper crush on her because she is perfect (and she is also my yoga inspiration). She is a better actress than this movie, though. You can laugh at that if you want, considering she is on a CW show, but she plays two roles incredibly well on that show. She's going to surprise everyone, one day.

5. Brick Mansions - I knew this movie wasn't going to be very good, but it looked like a fun action movie. Overall, it's not good at all, but there are some fun actions scenes - like the scene with the bricks shattering the windshields. It's totally insane and soooo much fun. I wanted more scenes like that, though. I met RZA a long time ago (I did promotion for Wu-Tang Clan's "Gravel Pit" video. I used to be cool, back in the day.). He was super nice, as was the rest of the group. I can't say anything nice about his acting, though. It's just....not good. Paul Walker has never been known as a strong actor, either, but sometimes he can still pull of roles because you can tell he is having fun (like with The Fast and the Furious movies). That's not the case with this movie. He takes it a little too seriously, and it just doesn't work. I do kind of want to watch the original version of this movie, because it does have some commentary on class warfare, but this version ignores the politics in favor of fight scenes. They even set it in Detroit, too, which is genius, considering the devastation that the city has been going through. There is just so much to say and none of it was said.

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  1. While Brick Mansions isn't so good, the movie its based on, District 13, is fantastic. It's a balls-to-the-wall action movie, and pure fun to watch! I highly recommend it!

    Ugh, Girls! I lasted about halfway through Season 1 before both the show, and Whatserface 'Not Fringe' Dunham started to really sour on me.