Tuesday, January 13, 2015

4 Thoughts on The Golden Globes

1. The Hosts - I just love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They are perfect together and they killed this opening monologue. There really weren't any missteps in the beginning. However, as the show went into the North Korea jokes over and over (and over) again, I can't stick up for them. It was just so dumb and boring and it already felt old (I mean, come on...that was like a whole month ago!!). There is still a lot to love, though. My favorite jokes were the George Clooney "Lifetime Achievement Award" gag, the Emma Stone Big Eyes comparison, the "Who would you rather?" skit and the Joaquin Phoenix dis (his wave just made it oh so perfect).

2. The Show - I turned it on about an hour into the live show (I dvr'd it), and aside from the beginning monologue, I was so bored. I fast-forwarded through most of it; and ended up catching up within 30 minutes. The only funny presenters were Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader (absolutely genius; and I loved the way she kept giggling at her own impressions), and Chris Pratt and Anna Faris (love). Even Ricky Gervais disappointed, and I am huge fan (fuck the haters). The winners were mostly annoying - especially Amy Adams who claimed that she "wasn't prepared". It was definitely the least genuine speech of the night. Fuck right off, Amy Adams (I love her, so I'm kidding, obviously). It was fun seeing Julianna Margulies and George Clooney on stage together (HUGE ER fan), but the Cecil B. Demille award? Really? I'm a massive fan, but he just seems too young (and his career didn't really kick off until after Out of Sight, which was 1998 - and that's only 16 years; not exactly "lifetime" status). I hated at the end, when they started rushing everyone because the show was going over in time. I bet they cut some actual funny stuff, which is a shame. 

3. The Winners - I don't have a lot to say about the winners this year, because shockingly, I haven't seen most of the nominated films or tv shows. I knew I would be out of the loop for movies. 2014 wasn't the strongest movie year, for me. I still have a lot to see (even the two big ones are still on my list, Boyhood and Birdman), but in all honesty, nothing is urgent. My favorite dramas of the year, Under the Skin, Interstellar, and I, Origins all received mixed reactions, while my favorite comedy, The Skeleton Twins was inexplicably ignored. Plus, I really hated The Grand Budapest Hotel. It actually made my worst list (but it's already been bumped off). Having seen so little of the nominated movies, I don't think I can fairly judge their winning picks (I can, however, judge the nominations themselves. Having just seen American Sniper, Bradley Cooper is stunning. I can't imagine a better performance. It's better than my previous pick, Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler). I thought I would, at least, have a good grasp of the television side of the show, but man, Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin?! I've never seen the show, but the main reason why I've never watched it, is because the commercials look horrendous; the acting is the worst part. Then, Transparent, took home some of the big drama awards, and I've never seen it (but it's on my list). I'm glad that Fargo beat True Detective. I didn't expect it to, but I think it's a better show. Also, the more I think about True Detective, the less I like the show. It has some amazing elements and some stunning camerawork, but the show, overall is slightly above average. When you compare that to current shows (several of which are stunning), there is no comparison. I am probably the only person who really, truly loves The Affair. I love everything about it. It's definitely my favorite new show of this past season, however, it's not the best drama on television (that title belongs to Mad Men, which I assume wasn't eligible for this year's Globes, otherwise this awards show is truly a joke). There are also other snubbed dramas, like The Americans, Parenthood etc. that are better. And there is also The Good Wife, which I am only on season 4 of, but if it gets as good as most people say, then it has to be incredible (because it's already solid). I'm still happy for The Affair winning, just because I loved watching all of the people on twitter flip their shit over a show they haven't even watched. Let's all remember, this is the awards show that once nominated The Tourist; it's really not that serious. 

4. The Fashion - The one positive note I can say about the show, is that I LOVED most of the fashion, and that hasn't happened in while. Usually I have two or three dresses that I love and I hate the rest, but this year there are like a dozen dresses that I loved. First, best overall stunner, was Jessica Chastain (OBVI). My second favorite was Leslie Mann (she is my style icon. Always and forever.). Other dresses/looks that I adored: Michelle Monogan (slip dresses are hard to wear, and she looked glorious), Ruth Wilson (so weird, and kind of ugly, but the good kind of ugly...if that makes sense. It looks like something I would wear), Sienna Miller (who suddenly has me considering chopping off my hair and dying it blonde. If only I looked like her afterwards! That deep v dress, though. It's just perfection), Emma Stone (who wore pants! And looked fucking SEXY), and a special shout-out to Amy Poehler's necklace (I'm a sucker for a funky statement necklace). The dresses that I didn't like, in no particular order: Katie Holmes (bridesmaid), Salma Hayek (Bride) and Kerri Washington (maid of honor). And the most unflattering dress I may have ever seen was worn by Rosamund Pike, who I've never really been a huge fan of, but I think she is averagely pretty. This dress made her look....just....not good. Not good, at all. 

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