Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall TV Preview: 8 New Shows

1. Gotham - The show that I am *most* excited for this Fall. I can't say I'm that excited about the Fall television season, as a whole. I think I've given up on the Networks - continuously introducing good shows and then cancelling them before they gain an audience (ahem...Almost Human).  I was excited by the announcement of Gotham as a television series, because the whole "prequel" to Batman can be a really cool idea. Then, they announced Ben McKenzie as one of the leads, and I squealed with joy. Sure, I am completely biased - Ryan Atwood is probably my favorite male character of all time (and my soulmate) - but McKenzie really gained my respect with his role in SouthLAnd. It was a completely different role, in which he struggled at first, but by the end of the series he was giving Emmy worthy performances in every episode. I can see this show succeeding if they tell the story well, and develop the characters (basically, be more Arrow and less Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). However, the show is on Fox, so it must be good right away because Fox will never give it a chance to grow (yup, still bitter).

2. How to Get Away with Murder - I'm not super excited by this show, but it's a Shonda Rhimes show. I'm a huge fan of Scandal, and I used to be a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy (I'm still a fan, but I think the show has just worn out its welcome). Also, Viola Davis is an incredible actress. It's a huge step forward for television to have a Thursday night lineup of female-driven dramas and they are advertising it as that. It's genius and I think this show is going to do very well.

3. The Flash - I'm obsessed with Arrow, and I love the episodes that introduced the Flash character. Also, Grant Gustin is absolutely perfect. He nailed his role in Glee and brought some life to that series, before it went full brain-dead. He will shine as the Flash. I like that the creators realized that they didn't need another muscle-bound tough guy for this role (nothing against Stephen Amell. Nothing at all. I enjoy those shirtless workout scenes immensely). Since the Flash has actual super powers, the traditional super-hero casting requirements are not relevant. I hope the series follows in the footsteps of Arrow, in that it moves quickly, has surprising turns and maintains witty, realistic dialogue.

4. Red Band Society - I really don't know anything about this show. I saw one commercial and it featured Octavia Spencer, and I thought "eh...maybe", but then I realized that Dave Annable is in it. I LOVE him. He grew up in the town next to mine and we are very close in age - I feel a weird loyalty to him. I want him to succeed. I loved him in Brothers & Sisters and I liked him in 666 Park Avenue (another show that was canceled before it found its footing). Anyway, I'll watch the show out of loyalty, but I don't expect it to last (because it's on Fox. STILL BITTER).

5. Stalker - New horror show from Kevin Williamson? Yes, please! I know that The Following is absolutely ludicrous, but I enjoy it anyway. Also, I like Dylan McDermott (what happened to his last show, Hostages? I assume it was also cancelled? I liked that show. Damn.) and Maggie Q is alright (I don't know if she can hold a show. I gave up on Nikita about 1/2 way through season 2, which is rare for me). Having recently dealt with a stalker, this show will probably scare the crap out of me. Someone remind me not to watch it alone at night.

6. The Affair - PACEY!!! Joshua Jackson will ALWAYS be Pacey - even though he did branch out in Fringe (an amazing show), I even started to refer to him as his Fringe character name, but I don't even remember what that was now....Jonathon? Justin? Something with a J maybe?.  He's reverted back to Pacey. And I will follow him anywhere. I'm glad this show is on Showtime, because it pretty much guarantees it will be good. Have they made a bad show? Genuine question.

7. Gracepoint - Another show on Fox, so I'm obviously nervous about its survival, but wow....David Tennant and Anna Gunn. I don't see this show going wrong. I've had Broadchurch on my "to watch list" since I heard about it (more for Olivia Coleman), but it hasn't been available to watch in the U.S until very recently (and as of now, it's only on disc - can't find it streaming anywhere). I will still watch the original, but I am excited by this remake since it has Tennant reprising the role and I think Gunn is a satisfying replacement for Coleman. Although, it does seem much easier for them just to release the original American remakes always seem weird to me.

8. Marry Me - The new comedies this season look atrocious (case in point: Selfie), but this is the one that I'll watch. I'm not usually one for shows or movies about a couple getting married, but it's Casey Wilson (of one of the best recent comedy series Happy Endings) and Ken Marino (of many things, but also from another one of the best comedy series Party Down). I think I would watch anything that starred the two of them. It's also from the same creator as Happy Endings, David Caspe, which is super-duper exciting. I miss that show so much.

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