Sunday, September 14, 2014

3 Thoughts on Lucy

1. It's bat-shit crazy - I thought Transcendence would win the title for craziest plot of the year, but Lucy takes the cake. The plot, of using all of the human brain instead of the "10% average", has been done before (Limitless, Chuck, Kyle XY), but it's never gone this far. Lucy follows in the same footsteps as Transcendence, in that it takes this plot and goes full-throttle. It accelerates to a point in which it's so bat-shit crazy that I forgave all of the things that don't make sense, and are just plain silly - and my mind just went straight to the "fuck it; just go with it" attitude. It's an experience that one is meant to get lost in. I can appreciate that to an extent. However, once it was over and analyzed, I can't defend it. It's purely bonkers and stupid.

2. It's also kind of brilliant - The real message of the movie is hidden behind this whole bat-shit crazy plot. It's pretty simple: The key to human existence is time. In the end, it doesn't matter how much technology advances or how much the world changes. The way for human survival (even at just a 10% brain capacity) is to use our time on this Earth wisely and pass on the knowledge that we learn. The film essentially asks "now that you know this, what are you going to do with this information". Well, for me, nothing. I've always considered my "time" more important than anything else in my life - for example, I made more money in my previous job, but with my current job I have a much better quality of life outside of work - and I am sitting in less traffic, and have less stress outside of work - therefore when I compare the two I feel like I am being compensated better at my current job. My time is much more valuable than money. I think if more people thought like this, it would be a much happier world (I am shocked by the positions people take - one of my co-workers took a promotion for $2 more an hour at a job that is an extra HOUR commute. That's two hours a day - not including traffic - that she will not be paid for. Plus, extra gas & tolls. It doesn't add up at all. And she is miserable). Anyway, I've gotten a bit sidetracked now, but the point is there aren't many movies that emphasize time as the most important part of human existence and potential. I'm not sure that many movie-goers really understood that point, though. It's hidden behind bizarre shoot-out scenes and sci-fi lunacy.

3. My problem with Scarlett - Yay! A female-driven action blockbuster movie!! Even more exciting: the movie could have starred a male and not much would have to change (I can only think of one scene that would have to change slightly). Even extra more exciting: It made money! I even appreciate that the main character isn't overtly sexual (kudos to Luc Besson for showing restraint), and is very straight-forward in her personality. You don't have to like her. Scarlett is strong in this role. However, she rarely brings personality to any role - and that is my problem with her. She is having an amazing 2 years - Under the Skin will likely end up as my favorite movie of the year, but I'm still hesitant to give any accolades to her acting abilities. It's not hard to play a role with no personality. I feel like Scarlett may even see her own limits and is choosing these roles (with no charm, no wit) on purpose (which is super smart). The roles in which a personality is essential, like Black Widow, she fails.....hard. I like her, as a person - at least the person that she projects in the media. She's smart, opinionated, funny and obviously beautiful, but I still can not get behind the praise she receives for her acting.

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