Monday, July 28, 2014

3 Thoughts on Snowpiercer

1. The plot - I went into this movie with extremely, impossibly high, expectations (thanks, Twitter), and those expectations were not met. It's a good movie. Would I recommend it? Yes. Is it the best movie of the year? No way. It's in my Top 10 as of right now, but I highly doubt it will be there by the end of the year (if it is, it will be a shitty year for movies). The extraordinary thing about this movie is the plot. I can't deny it's incredibly original. Among the dozens of post-apocalyptic released every year, Snowpiercer manages to do something completely different. It's atmospheric and stylish, bold and edgy, and completely captivating.

2. Tilda Swinton - She is amazing. Stand-out performance. However, her performance is so bizarre, it doesn't really match the rest of the movie. She's so mesmerizing, that when she isn't on the screen, the movie becomes very dull in comparison. Which begs the question - why isn't anyone else as bizarre? Why is she like that? It's one of the many things in this movie that don't make any sense, which leads me to my next talking point...

3. The "go with it" attitude - I prefer movies that build their own world and take me out of my comfort zone; a movie that takes me out of my mind and into the mind of its characters. My issue with this movie is that it builds a world, but doesn't stick to the rules of its own story. There are just too many moments in the movie that make no sense and it felt a little lazy to me. I hate to nitpick someone else's hard work, but I have a bit of an OCD brain. I can overlook a few things, but this movie just bothered me from beginning to end, with so many flaws and continuity errors I thought my brain was going to explode. It is a movie that I would love to watch again, because I am sure that some of the things that bothered me are explained in subtle ways that I may have missed. But on a first watch, the movie left me more aggravated than impressed.

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