Saturday, January 28, 2012

3 Reasons Why 'Haywire' Is Both Awesome and Awful

1. Gina Carano is both awesome and awful - Usually I am a fan of a hot chick that can kick the shit out of her male counterparts. In theory, it was a great idea to cast former MMA champion Gina Carano in the role because this is probably the first time in the history of these types of films that I actually believed that this girl could actually take down all of these men. Totally believable and totally awesome to watch. However, her acting was offensive. It was not all her fault - her character had very little depth and I will even give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she was directed to deliver every single line with the exact same monotonous tone (I did read that they altered her voice to make it deeper - which if true was the ultimate mistake and totally not her fault). I just felt like she had very little human quality to her, so ultimately I didn't really root for her. You know there is a problem when Channing Tatum isn't the worst actor in your film (I kid, I kid - I actually have been a fan of his since A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. It's just fun to make fun of him...) Also, whoever decided to put Gina in cornrow braids for the last 1/2 hour of the film should be fired - totally brings her hotness factor to about a zero.

2. The fight scenes are both awesome and awful - Again, watching her fight was definitely the highlight of the film. I also love that most of the fighting was hand to hand combat (not many weapons used at all). What I didn't like was that most of the fighting seemed staged and way too choreographed. Plus each fight was very similar to the previous one - it just became a bit tedious to sit through (which is why I think several people walked out of the theater - I think I counted a total of 6 walk-outs).

3. The plot is both awesome and awful - Mix an Alias type plot with the sleek style of Steven Soderbergh and you can officially call me entertained. The plot wasn't exactly original but it is still right up my alley- She is part of a mission that is a set-up against her, she figures it out and takes revenge on all involved in the double-cross. I just wish that the plot didn't have as many holes as it did and that they spent more time on the revenge than on the back-story. The last 20 minutes were too predictable and really didn't present us with any danger or excitement. It was just a case of a little too much style not enough substance.

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