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Thoughts On The Past 2 Episodes of 'Glee'

'Glee' is already on a mini-hiatus (will be back in November). I'm already missing it, but I have to admit I am a little disappointed with the season so far. Here are my thoughts on the past 2 episodes:

I am Unicorn

1. Quinn/Puck/Shelby
– I am disappointed that the “skanks” storyline is being dropped so quickly, but am intrigued by Quinn’s sabotage of Shelby to get her daughter back – although last season, Quinn was ALL talk (remember how many threats she made – she never followed through with any of them). I know a lot of fans of the show were disappointed that season 2 dropped the whole “baby” thing – but I actually appreciated it. In the real world when you give your baby up for adoption – that is the end of the story. I do think Quinn and Puck have unresolved issues but I don’t think it was necessary to bring the baby back into the picture (although I love Idina Menzel, so I won’t really complain). The scenes with Puck were done really well, because Puck was always very supportive of Quinn keeping the baby and promised that he would take care of both of them – so it was great to see some emotion from him as part of the aftermath. He never wanted to be like his dad and abandon his child. The promos are now hinting at a Puck/Shelby relationship which would be really interesting and weird at the same time.

2. The 'West Side Story' auditions – I’ve never seen it…at least that I can remember. But now that I know it’s basically Romeo & Juliet, I feel like I don't really need to see it. I really like that they are giving Artie something else to do by co-directing the play (along with Beiste & Emma). I enjoyed the 3 “audition” songs, but I would have appreciated at least 1 “glee” song. ‘Somewhere There is A Place For Us’ was outstanding - again I don’t know the play so I am not familiar with this song, but it fit the whole Shelby/Rachel storyline very nicely. And I can officially forgive them for their last duet together (‘Poker Face’). Kurt's audition was...interesting. 'I’m the greatest star' is an annoying song, but the theatricality of it was entertaining (and I love the Sai swords – which is a hobby of Chris Colfer's). Finally, Blaine's audition was super boring. I almost pressed fast-forward. The whole romantic lead aspect of Kurt and Blaine was pretty ridiculous – they are both pretty flamboyant and neither are believable as a being an “alpha gang member”. The Romeo and Juliet scene with Kurt and Rachel was also so overdone and not really funny at all. Them all laughing at him was not very Glee at all.

3. Finn's potential storyline – So, even though he had minimal screen time (again) – his scenes are setting up a potentially great storyline. I would like that to be explored….soon. Where has all his confidence gone? He seems like he is the least confident when he is with Rachel – probably because she eclipses everyone. But then again, Rachel is the one that is going to push him the hardest to become something great. Also succeeding in pushing Finn, is Mr. Shue – which makes me very happy. Poor Finn is not the best dancer, but the fact that he doesn’t give up is very telling for his future. He may be “lost” right now, but I think he’s going to figure out some things about himself soon. No, not everyone needs to go to college to be successful (proven by Cory himself) so it is nice to see that explored – I personally think his best option is to be a drummer. He’s good at it, it makes him smile and he could still potentially follow Rachel & Kurt to NYC to pursue his dream. Plus, drummers are hot. I am nervous that he is working in Burt’s auto shop (as Quinn predicted that he would) – he may not be the most talented kid in the Glee club but from the very beginning of this show the whole point of “Finn” as a character was him wanting to be something and NOT end up a Lima loser. I hope the writers remember that.

4. The Highlights – Of course there were some funny lines like:

- “What’s the Capitol of Ohio” to which Brittany replies “O” – it’s sort of genius if you think about it.

- "I'm glad that you're so concerned with our special needs members but what about me?" - Rachels response to Mr. Shue's "Booty Camp" idea.

-"Will Shuester never did appreciate the gentle tremble of your thin, forgettable alto" - Sue to Quinn (I love it and agree with her assessment wholeheartedly...).

-"Finn, you look like you are stomping on bees". - Mr. Shue to Finn

Other highlights were Mr. Shue tearing Quinn a new one. His speech to her being selfish and immature was brilliant. I also love his "booty camp" idea - because they definitely need to step up their game. I feel like they are definitely going back to a season 1 Will - you know where he actually cares about his students.

5. The Lowlights – Aside from the the focus being more on the play than the club and the lack of Finn, I don't really have too many complaints. Usually I love Brittany, but her whole “you’re a unicorn” shtick to Kurt was seriously cheesy.

Asian F

1. The anticipation vs. the reality
– So according to several critics, this was supposed to be “the best episode of Glee ever”. The promo declared that Glee has found it’s heart again. The cast spent the day tweeting about how proud they are of the episode, how talented everyone is and how everyone must watch. It was also described as a “game changer” for the Mercedes plot line and we were teased with an epic Brittany performance. I was looking forward to it (although from the episode descriptions and promo’s it was clear that Finn was once again being side-lined) mostly for the ultimate diva off between Mercedes and Rachel and also for Mike Chang getting an actual plot. The episode aired and I was stunned by it's mediocrity. First, this isn’t the first time that Mercedes and Rachel have competed – and it obviously won’t be the last. It wasn’t all that interesting and I’ve seen better performances from both of them (specifically in last seasons 'Night of Neglect' episode) . Second, it was obvious from before the episode even aired that Mercedes “big decision” would be that she was joining the other club. Third, I agree that Glee has found it’s heart but I don’t watch Glee for it’s “heart”. I watch it because it is hilarious – the show is usually inspiring because it is able to combine “heart” and it’s subversive comedy perfectly. I am disappointed that this season hasn’t exactly been laugh out loud funny.

2. Mercedes vs. Rachel – I love Mercedes – I really do. Her voice is amazing but when compared to Rachel – I just don’t see it. Lea Michele’s voice and passion outshine everyone – if they really wanted the audience to see Mercedes as a comparable competitor then they should have had Lea tone down her talent a bit. She outshined Mercedes and undeniably won their “diva” off. Also, since when does no one want to hurt Rachels feelings (as Mercedes claims) – I am pretty sure she gets made fun of all the freaking time!! The whole plot was just a little hard for me to believe. The New Directions losing Mercedes is definitely going to hurt them (who is going to belt out the last note of songs?) but I am glad that she is joining the other club - creating some more drama. However, unless Sugar Matta has some talent hidden up her sleeve I don't see them as a threat to the New Directions.

3. The “other Asian” vs. his parents – Oh how I love Mike Chang. Seriously, it is about damn time that they give him something to do (aside from his awesome dancing). I enjoyed his storyline – and I think it is very relevant to what Glee is all about. Harry Shum Jr. did a great job (acting, singing and dancing). When his father claims that performing in Glee club is a waste of time and actually a detriment on his transcripts to get into Harvard, my heart broke a little because I think this is how a lot of parents feel. The scene with him dancing by himself with no music was really beautiful as was his imagining of the people in his life like Tina stating “you don’t talk that much but when I see you dance…it’s why I fell in love with you”. His audition was really great. I think they might want to consider him for the lead – right? He's much more of a heartthrob than Blaine in my opinion...

4. The Highlights – Emma’s parents were perfect!! I loved the bit of intrigue on why she was so hesitant on Will meeting them - claiming that she has "ghost parents". I would never guess in a million years that they are in fact......"ginger supremacists". Freaking hilarious. The dinner scene with the 4 of them was brilliant. The whole praying bit at the end was a little unnecessary and over-dramatic as was Will's intent to "fix" her. But overall, I appreciate some insight into Emma's life and why she is the way she is. The only other highlight was that Finn’s burst of excitement when Rachel won the coin toss was also adorable. His support of her is such a contrast of the way Mercedes bf treats her (see: The Lowlights).

5. The Lowlights – Oh there are so many… First, I seriously hated Mercedes in this episode – but I have even more hatred for her super annoying boyfriend. It’s great that he is supportive and pushes her to succeed but he is also encouraging her to be a self-righteous bitch who treats other people like garbage. And why is it ok that she suddenly needs a man in order to feel good about herself? Her quitting the Glee club was a little over dramatic and way too angry. Then the whole Dream Girls thing was really awkward. I didn’t like it at all (although I appreciate the attempt at something different). I was also disappointed that Rachel’s solution to possibly not getting the lead role was to run for student class president – it doesn’t even make sense plus is it really realistic that three people from a club that everyone hates are the only people running? Does no one else go to McKinley? Why is Santana suddenly back in the club already? The performances were lacking (for the third episode in a row – I haven’t bought a single track on itunes yet this season; I usually buy at least one song per episode). Brittany was sexy as hell singing Beyonce’s 'Run the World' but I absolutely hate the song. The performance wasn’t bad – but it just wasn’t that exciting either. I’m sorry but 'Fix You' started off really painful – it got better once the Glee club joined in. I've never heard Matt Morrison sound bad - but I guess there is a first for everything.

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