Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4 Reasons to See '50/50'

1. It's emotional and unforgettable - I didn't realize it while watching it, but this is a film that I will remember for years to come. I was hesitant on the subject matter - cancer isn't exactly a funny subject and certainly not a subject that should be taken lightly (unless you are purposely trying to offend pretty much everyone). Typically films about cancer are dark, melodramatic, morbid and worst of all - unrelatable. 50/50 brilliantly lightens the subject not only by using comedy, but by using honesty (it helps that it is based on a true story). Nothing was really "sugar-coated" for the audience - his situation completely sucks and there is not one second of the film where we are not reminded of this. I think the "comedy" of the film and the focus on the relationships between the characters distracted me from the reality of cancer, but in all the right ways. I was on the verge of tears through the films entirety but surprisingly I didn't cry - that is until the next day. The film really sunk in and I was literally choked up the entire next day. Actually, I want to cry just thinking about it....

2. The relationships are honest - It's advertised as a "buddy comedy" with our main characters played by Joseph Gorden-Levitt and Seth Rogen but this is only 1/4 of the film. The other relationships that are featured are actually far more interesting. JGL's relationship with his therapist, played by Anna Kendrik, is fascinating- this is her 3rd patient so she is still in the "learning" phase of her career. Their interactions are painfully awkward as she tries to "comfort" him. His relationship with his girlfriend was a little one-sided for my taste, but still well done (it would have been a million times more interesting if she wasn't an intolerable shrew). The real gut-wrenching relationship that played out was between him and his mother. I have a good relationship with my mother, but I admit that it is a chore to talk to her sometimes - it takes me days to return her phone calls but after watching this film I realize how selfish that is. It's been a long time since a film has actually effected my life and led me to re-evaluate things a bit.

3. JGL is flawless- If you are not a fan of JGL, then you and I probably can't be friends. He is by far the best actor of my generation. I grew up watching him on 3rd Rock From the Sun and am ecstatic that he is still prominently featured in my life. Aside from the fact that I think he is a fantastic actor, I also respect him as a fearless actor. I don't think he has any particular plans for his career - he just does whatever the fuck he wants to do and it works.

4. The other actors aren't as annoying as usual - Seth Rogen is heavily featured in the trailer but he is definitely a supporting role in the film (which is where he should always be). He did an amazing job in this film breaking out from simple comedy to show some actual depth. I am not a fan of Bryce Dallas Howard (has she been good in anything? Really?) or Anna Kendrik (she was way over-rated in Up in the Air) but both were really fantastic in this film.

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