Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Limitless' - 4 Thoughts

1. It's not exactly an original plot - In fact, while watching I was reminded of a lot of other things like the shows Kyle XY and Chuck. I realize that this film is based on the 2001 novel - "Dark Fields", so I am not accusing the film of copying these 2 shows, I am just stating that the plot has been done many times in different ways. Basically, the plot is that there is a drug that can make you use all of your brain (instead of the supposed "20 percent" that the film cites as fact). Kyle XY was about a genetically designed person that has the ability to use all of his brain and can therefore learn anything instantly. The scenes where Eddie (Bradley Cooper) skims through reading material and memorizes it, learns to speak different languages fluently within days and uses body language, patterns and math to predict the future are all exactly like scenes from Kyle XY. The extremely entertaining show Chuck is about a guy that has a computer chip downloaded into his brain (the "Intersect") and can literally retrieve instant information - like learning how to fight, which is a scene in this film.

2. Yet, It is still entertaining - Even though I was distracted by the fact that every scene felt like I have seen it before, I was still entertained from beginning to end. It moved really quickly - with these hyper-realistic shots of moving through the city that made the audience feel like it was on drugs. There was a lot going on in the plot- a never ending spiral effect of every action Eddie made resulted in chaos. The film is ridiculous but it is in such a gloriously ridiculous way that you stop counting the gaping plot holes. You sort of just have to go with it. It also has an oddly creepy "happy" ending - which I wasn't really expecting. There really was no the film becomes sort of pointless. **Spoiler Alert*** - Are we supposed to accept that he literally got away with murder or are we supposed to forget about that? Just one of those gaping plot holes I was referring to...

3. Bradley Cooper is a movie star - I have read so many articles about how my little Will Tippin is officially a leading man and I can't even express how proud I am of him. I am surprised that it took such a long time for people to start taking notice of him - but it is definitely well-deserved. He is awesome and not just because he is super adorable. He can actually act - he proved that he has brilliant comedic timing with Wedding Crashers (and of course The Hangover), that he can make an action film interesting with The A-Team and that he can combine those 2 things with some serious dramatic moments in this film. I have to admit that when the original actor for this film (Shia LaBeouf) dropped out I was disappointed but when I heard Bradley was taking over - I knew that he would bring the exact amount of talent and charisma that Shia would have (plus let's be honest - he is a bit hotter than Shia...).

4. Abbie Cornish is not - I had an unjustifiable hatred towards her (she was dating the hottest man alive - Ryan Phillippe) when she first started gaining popularity as an actress. I thought she was mediocre in the role that garnered her Oscar buzz (Bright Star), but I assumed that I was letting my own bias against her control my opinions on her acting skills. Now that they are no longer dating - I hoped I would clearly see her talent (and focus my hatred on Amanda Seyfried - seriously who does she think she is! I'm just kidding - I actually like her...for now.) I was disappointed because Abbie didn't exactly prove herself with this film. She was pretty bland and almost forgettable - she was definitely not on the same acting plane as her co-stars.

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