Thursday, March 24, 2011

7 Films to See this April

I have been less inclined to head out to the theater lately, but things are finally starting to look up - there are a whopping 7 films that will be released in April that I am looking forward to.

1. Insidious - 4/1 - 4 reasons I am excited: 1. Patrick Wilson is awesome. 2. So is Rose Byrne. 3. The trailer is...insidious (Insidious is the trailer - then you will understand). 4. Kids are always creepy.

2. Source Code - 4/1 - It is reminiscent of Deja Vu and Premonition, but it seems like it puts more of a government conspiracy twist to it. I enjoy Jake Gyllenhaal in small doses, but I really will be watching it for Vera Farmiga - hopefully her role is larger than it appears in the trailer.

3. Trust - 4/1 - Directed by David Schwimmer (Run, Fat Boy, Run was entertaining so I am interested to see another film directed by him), starring 2 incredibly talented actors who can never do wrong in my book (Clive Owen and Catherine Keener) with an engaging plot involving the dangers of online sexual predators. It seems like Lifetime movie material - but it is an interesting and challenging topic if done well.

4. Super - 4/1 - Rainn Wilson yelling "Shut up, Crime!" - Count me in. I am hoping it is funnier than it's predecessors - Defendor and Kick-Ass.

5. Hanna - 4/8 - The trailer looks freakin' fantastic. I really thought Saoirse Ronan was amazing in Atonement - she was part of the reason that the first third of that film blew my mind, it's a shame the rest of the film drastically declined. This film is also directed by Joe Wright (who I blame for ruining such an amazing story) so hopefully he redeems himself with this.

6. The Conspirator - 4/15 - I am so in love with James McAvoy that I will likely sit through anything he does - he always is the best part of the film which will likely be the case with this film as well. The story is not exactly interesting to me (the conspiracy behind the assassination of Abe Lincoln) but I think the acting will supersede the plot. Plus, I spotted Jonathan Groff in the trailer - the Gleek in me squealed...

7. Scream 4 - 4/15 - I have seen Scream so many times that I can recite every line. I was surprisingly satisfied with both the sequel and the third film - so I have faith that the fourth fill will be amazing. I have purposely avoided watching any trailers, clips or sneak peaks so that I can be surprised. I am in love with the new casting choices (Rory Culkin, Adam Brody, Emma Roberts, Alison Brie) although I am fairly certain most of them will die...

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