Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Movie Preview: 12 Films That I am Excited About

Finally, some films to look forward to! I am very excited for the films being released this Fall - hopefully they live up to my expectations. Here is what I will be seeing:

1. The Town (9/17) - Probably the film that I am most excited for this season. The trailer was fantastic - although my favorite part was when they advertised that it was directed by the same director of Gone Baby Gone (aka Ben Affleck). I was so distracted by the fact that they didn't say "directed by Ben Affleck". Is his reputation that bad? That is sad, because he is fantastic behind the camera (directing & writing) and while he has made some bad film and girlfriend choices (what A-list actor hasn't?) - he proved he can act in Hollywoodland and he is now married to a wholesome girl next door, the talented & beautiful Jennifer Garner - and is often photographed doting on his daughters. So can everyone forgive him and move on now? The Town will hopefully be his redemption in Hollywood. With such talent as Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm & Rebecca Hall, an intriguing story and that Departed feeling to it (every film set in Boston will now and forever be compared to The Departed) - I can't see it failing.

2. Easy A (9/17) - I love, love, love Emma Stone - so I am really happy that she has a starring role. This film is being compared to Mean Girls (and Stone being compared to the redheaded former serious actress, current hot mess Lindsey Lohan). That is a big comparison, considering how much of a cult favorite Mean Girls has become - but I am hoping for the best. I want to be quoting this film 10 years from now. No pressure.

3. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (9/22) - It's Woody Allen - so that could be a really good thing or a really bad thing depending on which Woody Allen he is going for. Hopefully, it is the witty, satirical, dark character study type film that Allen does so well (not the self-involved, boring, wannabe quirky but ultimately annoying character study that I hate). The cast is pretty fantastic - Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin & Freida Pinto.

3. Never Let Me Go (9/15) - The only reason I want to see this is because it is different. Based on the 2005 novel (can't decide if I should read the book before or after I watch the film..), it is about a group of students who are basically human clones - born to be used for parts. They are held captive at a boarding school - kept from living any "real" life in order for the process to seem more "humane". I can't imagine that the story will end well, but at least it is actually interesting and current. However, the films effectiveness will rely heavily on its actors which makes me nervous - Keira Knightley is hit or miss for me and Carey Mulligan was good in An Education (but hardly Oscar worthy). It also has newcomer Andrew Garfield (recently cast in a very coveted role as the new Spider-Man) - this could be his year if he nails this part and his role in The Social Network.

4. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (9/24) - I already included this film in my Spring Movie preview - not realizing that it was only to be released for Cannes and would be released widely this fall. I am still just looking forward to this film for Shia. He seems to make every film watchable, although after this (and the third Transformers film) I am hoping he will go back to making some indie films.

5. The Social Network (10/1) - I am not on Facebook and I never will be. I have no interest in reading what other people are currently doing, how they are feeling etc. I have no interest in talking to people that I knew 10 years ago (if I didn't keep in touch - there is probably a good reason). I have no interest in updating my status and keeping others informed of my whereabouts. I am not that self-involved and I have better things to do with my time (yes sitting on my couch, petting my cats and watching a full weeks worth of General Hospital is a better use of my time...). So, I bet you are wondering why I am excited for this film. Hello - did you see that trailer?? It made the film look freakin' amazing. The drama and tension between everyone layered with a haunting version of Radioheads "Creep" - I was completely captivated (it gave me chills). Seriously, what a perfect song for a film that captures the narcissism of the next generation - the words take on a whole new meaning (I want you to notice when I'm not around. You're so f**king special. I want to be special). Plus...two words - Justin Timberlake.

6. Let Me In (10/1) - The original Swedish film was beautiful and horrifying and gory and heartbreaking all at the same time. It seems like it will be hard for the American version to accomplish the same feat. However, it already has some brownie points for casting two of the most talented child actors currently around - Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee, plus the always reliable Richard Jenkins. I found the first film to be slightly too long, dragging a bit in the middle - and a little predictable - so if the American version can avoid these things, it could be an Oscar worthy film - plus it is totally on trend with the whole vampire thing (or is that already out?)

7. The Company Men (10/22) - I remember good things being said about this film when it premiered at Sundance - a lot of people gave props to "the director of Gone Baby Gone". So, hopefully this will just be the icing on Bens redemption cake. It also has Chris Cooper in it - always a positive feature for a film.

8. Hereafter (10/22) - I hate to admit this, but I am not really a Clint Eastwood as a Director fan. The only films of his that I thought were decent are Flags of our Fathers and Mystic River. His films tend to be extremely boring and hard to sit through. I just watched Invictus (which was extremely boring and hard to sit through) and hated it (Damons accent was cringeworthy). I always thought of Clint as being an amazing director - but when I actually looked at his work as a whole - I am just not a fan. So, here is hoping this film will change my mind. It looks different than his normal work - He describes it as a film "about people dealing with tragedy in different ways". It involves 3 different story lines that intersect at some point - which is usually a plot device that I enjoy.

9. RED (10/15) - Retired and Extremely Dangerous. This film looks incredibly fun - watching Helen Mirren kick ass is worth my time alone. Plus Morgan Freeman is like the coolest person ever. And you know my love for Mary Louise Parker - I am glad to see her in a film, I feel like it has been a while (with all her attention on Weeds).

10. Due Date (11/5) - Todd Phillips has a lot to live up to - this is his first film since his smash hit The Hangover. Good thing the trailer looks hysterical. I love RDJ - he is obviously a very talented comedian, so I am happy that he is able to showcase this. I am hoping they didn't just shove all of the funny stuff in the trailer (like most comedies) and that it is just funny enough to keep me laughing until The Hangover 2 comes out (next year please).

11. Fair Game (11/5) - Doug Liman seems to be getting a little repetitive...the CIA is often his subject matter and now he is moving on to the war in Iraq (and the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction) - the latter was the subject of Greenzone (a complete snooze-fest). This film tackles both subjects as Naomi Watts plays a CIA agent exposed after her husband (a journalist- played by Sean Penn) writes a story about the Bush administration altering information (based on a true story). I am hoping that this film has a little more excitement to it than Greenzone or at least more meaning to it...something that isn't a complete waste of my time. But I am really happy to see 2 of my favorite actors working together again (Penn and Watts killed it in one of my favorite films 21 Grams).

12. Unstoppable (11/12) - Don't make fun of me - I know it will be predictable trash (and eerily reminiscent of Denzyl Washington's film about a speeding subway from last year), but the trailer was exciting. It totally made me want to see it!!

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