Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The MTV Awards: 3 Best Moments; 4 Worst Moments

So watching the "MTV Movie Awards" makes me feel especially old, but it also makes me quite sad to witness what the next generation feels is award-worthy. I wouldn't really consider any moments as "best" but here are the "better" moments of the show:

1. The Generation Award - Given to the always amazing Sandra Bullock. The Generation Award used to be a spoof on a Lifetime Achievement Award - often awarding fictional characters like Chewbacca, but over the past few years it has been taken slightly more seriously- awarding funny men like Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey etc. This year, I think it is very fitting to give the award to Sandra. Not only has she had one amazing year (career wise), but she has been a part of the MTV Movie awards for over 15 years now - yes, Speed was 15 years ago (!). I can't think of a more fitting standing ovation.

2. Tom Cruise becomes relevant - of course it was for resurrecting a character from 2 years ago - but hey whatever works. The beginning clip featuring Les Grossman was amusing, but it was mid-show when he took the stage with Jennifer Lopez (and actually held his own with his surprising dance moves) that he really out did himself. I actually thought that they replaced him with a look-a-like professional dancer until I saw Katie Holmes in the audience cheering. I give him a lot of credit for stepping outside his comfort zone - now he just needs to start making some interesting films. Then I will forgive him for being a complete psycho. Maybe.

3. Ed Helms & Ken Jeong - Unfortunately, they were overshadowed by Les Grossman - but their rendition of "Stu's Song" from The Hangover while Jeong was dressed in a tiger leotard was quite funny. And Ed Helms actually has a pretty amazing live voice - he almost sounded like Elton John.


1. "Twilight" - I get it- the tweens love Twilight, but having the same people win 2 years in a row is extremely boring. Considering that there is yet another Twilight film being released this year - they should just cancel next years awards. I mean, we all know who is going to win right? Even Anna Kendrick's win for Up in the Air, still felt like a win for Twilight because you know the teenagers that voted for this did not see Up in the Air. I feel like this is the kind of award show that films like The Hangover should win.

2. The bleeping - not because it was offensive, but because it was incredibly annoying. Who wants to watch a show where every other word is bleeped out? I actually though Peter Facinelli's "satirical" speech was quite amusing.

3. Aziz Ansari - Not a terrible host, but also not very memorable either. I think the only thing I laughed at was his "Swagger coach" clip - but I think I was probably laughing more at Zach Galifianakis.

4. Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera - Both of their performances made me press the fast-forward button.

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