Friday, June 11, 2010

4 Reasons This Summer's Films Suck

So I kept meaning to write a post about "Summer Movies that I can't wait to see", but procrastination kept getting the best of me. This weeks "Entertainment Weekly" made me realize that it is not in fact procrastination - it is the simple fact that this summer's movies suck! I kept putting off writing a post because I don't have any desire to go to the movies this summer (with a few exceptions). Here is why:

1. There is no originality - This year's films are all either re-makes (The A-Team, Robin Hood, The Karate Kid) or sequels (Sex and the City, Iron Man, The Twilight Saga, Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3) or completely unoriginal (Killers, Grown Ups, Eat Pray Love) or look absolutely awful (Johah Hex, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Piranha 3D, The Sorcerer's Apprentice). When are the studio's going to realize that films are supposed to be entertaining and though-provoking and creative.

2. Netflix is cheaper - They always say that the movie industry is the least effected by economical hardship and for the past 2 years they were right. People went to the movies more than ever - escaping from the problems of real life. But what happens when there is nothing worth going to the theater? People are certainly not going to waste their hard earned money on garbage. Even I - a die-hard film fanatic find myself saying "eh - I will just wait for the DVD". Even movies that I want to see like Iron Man 2 are sitting on top of my Netflix queue, since the reviews have been mediocre.

3. Speaking of reviews - According to Entertainment Weekly, there are zero films that have been released this year that have Oscar potential. Reviews have been harsh - usually the first half of the year is filled with the less-potential, but there are often exceptions and always films on the horizon that are incurring "buzz", so I am quite disappointed in the state of films. When films like The A-Team are getting positive reviews - you know something is wrong. Are critics starting to lower their expectations? I sure hope not.

4. The exceptions - There are only 2 films (2. out of more than 100.) that I truly am looking forward to. Inception and Salt. Inception looks interesting because I have absolutely no idea what it is about - the trailer is ridiculously incomprehensible. It doesn't hurt to have Leo Dicaprio and JGL in the same film. Salt probably falls in the "not original" category, but I love Angelina doing what she does best - kicking ass. I am not one of those people who is going to pretend that she is overrated. She brings people to the theater, whether they admit it or not. I also will likely see The A-Team, simply to see why the reviews are surprisingly positive and more simply to support Bradley Cooper.

so out of an entire summer - I will likely only go to the movies 3 times. How pathetic is that? The film industry needs to react quickly before it completely crumbles.

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