Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 New Shows To Look Forward To

It's time for mid-season pilots to begin and there are a few good prospects. Here are the shows that I am hopeful for.

1. In the Motherhood, ABC 3/26 - Megan Mullally will always be Karen Walker to me, but I am hopeful she can pull off something new. Her talk show was supremely awful, so I am a little nervous for her- however, she is joined by the brilliant comedian Jessica St. Claire (a regular on VH1's Best Week Ever - the only funny one) and Cheryl Hines. It's supposed to be a comedic look at the struggles that women have with balancing children, work and love. Should be entertaining...

2. Cupid, ABC 3/31 - I remember the original with Jeremy Piven and I didn't think it deserved to be cancelled so quickly, so I am glad it is being given another chance. Plus with another Will & Grace alum, Bobby Cannavale (love him!), and the adorable Sarah Paulson (who was brilliant in the otherwise mediocre show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) you can't go wrong - right? I mean it has to be better than the similarly themed (and cancelled) CW's Valentine.

3. Southland, NBC 4/9 - Described as a "raw and authentic look at the police unit in Los Angeles" and produced by the same producers as E.R and Westwing - it looks promising. Although I admit that the only reason my interest is peaked is because of Benjamin McKenzie (Hello! The O.C is one of the greatest shows ever!) and Tom Everett Scott (once hailed as the next Tom Hanks). It's about time Ben appears in something (88 Minutes doesn't count), I promise you he will not disappoint. I look forward to a great drama that is a little more straightforward yet emotionally stirring (my current dramas just take sooo much energy to watch...I'm talking to you Lost and Heroes), hopefully this will fill the void.

4. The Unusuals, ABC 4/8 - Another police drama, although this one takes place in NYC. However this one seems to be more about the quirky personalities of each police officer, rather than solving crimes which sounds promising (one of the officers refuses to take off his bulletproof vest - that has to be amusing - right?). Plus Jeremy Renner is a great actor who deserves some time in the spotlight.

5. Dollhouse, aired FOX 2/13 - The first episode aired this past Friday and I admit that I was pretty disappointed. The idea is brilliant and Eliza Dushku is delightful, but for some reason the show just didn't work for me. It was a little dull and had no character development. However, I had such high hopes so I will continue to watch a few more episodes.

6. Parks and Recreation, NBC tbd - I am always looking for great comedy shows and hopefully this won't disappoint! Although the plot of this show doesn't actually sound very funny - it has the always funny AMY POEHLER!! Hopefully she will give Tina Fey a run for her money....

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