Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Globes: 8 Best Moments, 11 Worst Moments

The Golden Globes is my my favorite Awards show. It combines Film and Television, separates Drama and Comedy and doesn't bore us with the technological awards. Here are my best and worst moments of last nights show.


1. Kate Winslet stealing the show- Her surprise win for the shows first award, Best Supporting Actress definitely created the tone for the rest of the show, but she officially stole the show when she beat out Anne Hathaway for Best Actress in a Drama. Considering Winslet has been nominated for 7 Golden Globes (including this year) and 5 Oscars, it's about time she wins. And who doesn't love hearing her proclaim her everlasting love for Leo?

2. Anne Hathaway not winning- Speaking of the Best Actress in a Drama, I am pleased that Anne Hathaway didn't win. I saw Rachel Getting Married and I don't see what the big fuss is about. As someone that absolutely hates weddings, watching this film was the perfect torture for me. That aside, her performance was satisfying but not award-winning. Critics seem to be amazed that she jumped from the squeaky clean role model in The Princess Diaries to this self-centered, intolerable addict with a tragic past in Rachel Getting Married. There were several films in between that helped her grow as an actress. I think she did an admirable job in The Devil Wears Prada and she held her own against Steve Carell in Get Smart, so it wasn't really a shock that she can actually act. (Oh and I won't hold Havoc against her).

3. Heath Ledger/Chris Nolan - I don't think the Hollywood Foreign Press really had a choice with the Best Supporting Actor category this year. Hands down best performance of the year. Christopher Nolan has the daunting task of accepting Heath's awards...will the Oscar be next?

4. Showing In Bruges/Colin Farrell some love - This film is one of my top 10 favorite films of the year, but unfortunately has been snubbed by most awards. I didn't really expect a win, so I was super thrilled when Colin Farrell won for Best Actor in a Comedy. I have always said "Colin Farrell can act! If you don't believe me watch Tigerland". It's one of my favorite films (definitely in the top 50) and Colin's performance was outstanding. I think he just got caught up in Hollywood and ended up making some really crappy choices (Alexander, S.W.A.T, Miami Vice), hopefully his latest film choices (Cassandra's Dream, Pride & Glory, In Bruges) reflect his future career in films.

5. Laura Linney - Absolute perfection. She can never do wrong in my book, even when she is in a bad film - she still has this grace and elegance about her that is inspiring. I didn't see John Adams yet, but I can confidently say she deserved the award.

6. January Jones gets a nomination for Mad Men - Her performance on that show outshines her male counterparts, but is usually ignored. She didn't need to win, the acknowledgement is enough for now.

7. Mickey Rourke winning Best Actor in a Drama - I didn't see The Wrestler and I didn't plan on seeing it, but then I saw the trailer before Revolutionary Road and I felt my eyes begin to water - the actual film might make me cry (not very easy to do Mickey!)

8. The speeches - From Tina Fey addressing her Internet haters to Mickey Rourke thanking "his dogs" the speeches were mostly amusing and brief.


1. Rumer Willis - I don't like trashing a 20 year old girl, but even Demi noticed her hunching.

2. Michael C. Hall not winning - His portrayal of Dexter should win every award. EVER.

3. The awkward Star Trek promo - Yes, we know Cris Pine is "Kirk" and Zachary Pinto is "Spock". We don't need the introduction.

4. Drew Barrymore - We expect more from you Drew. Her and Jessica Lang were attached at the hip and high on life (hopefully.) but it was really her hair that seemed the most absurd - combined with the dress and makeup she looked like she came straight from an 80's prom slasher flick.

5. The Jonas Bros - Who let them in?

6. Ricky Gervais not hosting - The Golden Globes doesn't have a host, which is part of the appeal. However, after his hilarious rant at the Emmy's - they really should have reconsidered before he is scooped up for the next big award show. They did have the common sense to let him present, in which he proved to be captivating and witty. Plus he knows his stuff- as he reminds us of Kate Winslet's hilarious cameo in Extra's - "do a holocaust movie and you will win awards"... And that she did.

7. Tina Fey winning Best Actress in a Comedy - Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Tina Fey fan. She is a brilliant writer and comedian. However, she is essentially representing a stereotyped version of herself in 30 Rock- how difficult can it be? Now Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin in Weeds, that is award-winning acting.

8. Who is responsible for Renee Zellwegger? - She gets more unrecognizable every time I see her, but now she is officially creepy. That Caroline Herrera (I'm guessing - this is usually her designer of choice right?) fishtail, see-thru number was horrendous and her eyes are disappearing. Someone help her.

9. Tracey Morgan accepting for 30 Rock - He's the worst part of that show!!! Please don't let his annoying demeanor keep you from watching it, because apart from him and Jane Krakowski, the show is pretty good.

10. Mickey Rourke winning Best Actor in a Drama - I know I already listed this as a "best moment", but I can't imagine his performance being better than the incredible Sean Penn in Milk.

11. Speaking of Milk.... - where was the love? Hopefully the Academy doesn't make the same mistake.

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