Sunday, January 11, 2009

6 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Revolutionary Road"

I just can't decide whether I liked Revolutionary Road or not, but here are some thoughts I had while watching it....

1. It should have been adapted into a play - I know I would have enjoyed it as a play. The internal struggles within the characters and with each other would have been more effective on stage, live. The dialogue is heavy, and I don't feel like the film medium gives it justice.

2. Sam Mendes certainly has a sense of style - This felt like a "Sam Mendes" film - and that is a compliment. It had the same beauty, gracefulness and realism that American Beauty had, yet it didn't feel like the same movie-it felt fresh. It's subtle yet bold, it's real yet dramatic, it's confined yet universal. I look forward to more of his films.

3. Leo, Kate & Kathy - It's not their fault that they were in the greatest film ever. But it is distracting to have them in another film together. I constantly found my thoughts drifting to Jack & Rose..."I'll never let go.."

4. The Case Against Marriage - Now I know the film's main commentary is about the American tragedy that is the suburbs - the repression and conformity of America, but I think that the bigger American tragedy is the institution of marriage. Now without boring you with my own personal political views, the film definitely makes the case against marriage for me.

5. The Ending - **MAJOR SPOILER ALERT** The film should have ended when Frank and April wave goodbye as he leaves for work. The scene prior to this last wave is so creepy, it gives you the sense of immediate doom. Why not end it there? Did we need to know that she gives herself an abortion and dies? No. The film didn't need closure. If it ended at the wave, it would have left the audience wondering what horrible act does April commit? Did she kill herself? Did she poison that last breakfast for Frank? Or does she continue this fake, creepy act until they grow old and die together?

6. Who is that guy? - His name is Michael Shannon. He seems to appear in every movie and is always superbly creepy.

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