Saturday, January 27, 2018

Oscar Nominations: The Good, The Bad, and The Snubbed

The Good: 

-My favorite film of last year remains Dunkirk and I don't really see that changing even though there are still plenty of films that I haven't seen yet. It's visually stunning, memorable, and a technical masterpiece. I am thrilled that Nolan is being recognized as one of the greats.

-While Dunkirk used sound and silence as part of its storytelling, Baby Driver blew me away with its use of music, and sound. I'm not normally very passionate about technical categories but both of these films did something different that impacted the final outcome of the films, and that should be awarded.

-Logan got an Adapted Screenplay nomination?! Did anyone predict that? I was certainly not expecting that, but I AM HERE FOR IT. I would love to see it win but I think that's the one win that Call Me By Your Name will receive.

-Obviously, genius cinematographer Roger Deakins for Blade Runner 2049 (for the fucking win, please!)

-Both Lady Bird and Get Out are in my top 10; they are both wonderful movies but I honestly hope they don't win the big award. Saoirse should get Best Actress and I can see Peele getting Original Screenplay but please, let that be it.

The Bad: 

-Another year gone by with me having seen barely any nominated movies. It's just too hard to get to an independent theater. And when I have the time, I usually prefer to just stay home and watch a movie. Which is why I'm a big fan of the Netflix model. While I didn't think Mudbound was as good as I had read; I am happy that Netflix films are being taken seriously.

-Considering I haven't seen a majority of the movies, I guess I'll keep my mouth shut about some nominations that I find more than a little hard to believe, but...The Boss Baby?....really??

The Snubbed: 

-By far the biggest (and most expected) snub of the year is James McAvoy for Split. It's a damn near perfect performance.

-Denis Villeneuve should have received recognition for directing Blade Runner 2049

-I know that mother! caused a lot of division among critics, but it blows my mind that anyone would put it at the worst of the year (and that Jennifer Lawrence would receive a Razzie! That's just ridiculous). I think Aronofsky could have easily been nominated (love it or hate it, it's a very well-made movie), and I've NEVER though Lawrence was award-worthy UNTIL this movie. How ironic.

-While it was a mess of a movie, Valerian could easily be nominated for some of the technical awards. And for Costume Design.

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