Tuesday, April 4, 2017

3 Thoughts on Logan

1. It's beautiful - Like, so beautiful. I could stare at it for hours. There are just so many shots that really captured the story, the emotion, the history, and the genre (Superhero Western. Is that a thing?) so well. It's by far my favorite X-Men movie; Nothing else even comes close. It does beg the question, though, why the Hell were the other Wolverine movies so terrible? Honestly, I actually hated them. I wasn't expecting much with this, and I certainly wasn't expecting to be blown away. Jackman's performance is especially stunning. I appreciate his passion for this character, and his commitment to providing a satisfying closure to this character.

2. It's violent - Of course I expected the violence, but this was like really, really stunningly violent. And some of the most violent scenes revolved around the little girl, Laura. It was shocking (in a good way). The choreography of the fight scenes are so well done, and the natural back and forth between Logan and Laura is just so much fun to watch. It also never pulls any punches - there are consequences to the fight scenes. People die. People you root for are brutally murdered. So, prepare yourself.

3. It's...long - I'm a firm believer that most movies, especially superhero movies, do not need to be any longer than 2 hours. I understand the argument from many cinephiles, that if a film is good then you should want to keep watching it, but for me I believe any good story can be told within a 2 hour time frame. There are exceptions - and this is one of them. This feels like an epic tale, similar to classic Greek tragedies like The Odyssey. It deserves more time, and it uses every second appropriately. However, I honestly felt like I lost a whole day after watching the film. It really drained all of my energy. So, prepare yourself.

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