Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thoughts on 6 New TV Shows

1. Riverdale - So...I don't get it. I mean, I like the show, sure. In the same way that I enjoyed Gossip Girl, The O.C., and the show that it copies the most from, Pretty Little Liars. Literally, every story line so far has been done by another teen show (student/teacher thing - Dawson's Creek, and obviously PLL. The jock who also is a musician thing - Glee, and yes, also the comics, but I feel like critics are praising this show for this well-rounded character, as if it didn't exist on television before). I don't get why it is being so praised - and like from legitimate film/tv people who would usually look down their noses at shows like this. It's nothing special, at all. I also don't get the love for Veronica, when Betty is clearly the stronger character and better actress. Plus, I don't get the relation to the comics, other than the names, and appearances of the characters. Archie, for me, was always about this happy-go-lucky guy and his friends getting into dumb high school fun/drama. Apparently there is a version of Archie that is horror themed, and I guess that is what this show stems from, but I just find it weird. I also don't get the guy who plays Archie. Is he supposed to be hot? And can they get like a professional to fix his awful dye job? And I can't believe that the kid who plays Jughead is Ben from Friends, but now I can't unsee it. Anyway, after all my ranting, did I mention that I actually do like the show?? Because it's a fun, trashy, teen drama, and I am always a sucker for those.

2. Powerless - I like the idea - a series focused on the "others" in a superhero world. It's cute, and a lot of fun can be done with that; especially within a sitcom format. Unfortunately, it's super cute, but not any fun yet. And it's certainly not funny at all. Vanessa Hudgens is part of the problem; she's super adorable but her comedic timing is non-existent. Danny Pudi plays the exact same character from Community, but without the supporting characters to make him funny. It's all fixable at this point, but I haven't really heard anyone talk about it, so I feel like it will get cancelled before given a chance to get good. It's a shame because there are so few good sitcoms right now.

3. Legion - Visually stunning. I'm not fully on board with the plot and some of the over-acting (*ahem* Aubrey Plaza), but I am intrigued a little bit more with every episode, so I guess that is a success. I just think each episode is really dragged out for effect. I would prefer a shorter season with episodes of quality, in this case. If they keep throwing in scenes like the muted one, though, I will keep watching. I like the cast a lot - Dan Stevens is wonderful, but my favorite is Jean Smart. She was so good on Fargo last year, so I am very happy that Noah Hawley recognized her genius. Rachel Keller seems very familiar to me, but I haven't seen her before. I think she just reminds me of Ruth Wilson (which is a very good thing). I'm hopeful that the show continues to grow a little bit faster than it has been, and continues to be as weird and beautiful.

4. 24: Legacy - Ugh. I love 24 so much. It's such a perfectly ridiculous action/drama television series. The problem with a reboot is that Jack Bauer IS 24. Chloe IS 24. Tony Almeida IS 24. Without these characters, it's not 24. However, there has been talk of Tony among the new characters, and if he shows up, I will scream out of sheer joy (I'm a few episodes behind, DON'T SPOIL ME!!). As far as the new cast is concerned, UGH. So dull. Everyone except Kathryn Prescott (from Skins! I LOVE HER!!). Aside from the countdown clock and the split screens, the show doesn't feel like 24 at all. It's just another generic "save the world from terrorists" tv show, and we have enough of them already (Homeland, Quantico, Blindspot, I could go on for FOREVER).

5. Feud - I've only seen the first two episodes so far, but it is GLORIOUS. Just so much fun. I should have guessed with a Ryan Murphy show - his first seasons are spectacular, but Scream Queens was such a disappointment, that I had my doubts with this one. I was so wrong. It's fantastic to watch the ins and outs of this epic "feud" that was pretty much forced upon these two powerful women in Hollywood. I can't wait to see more. Surprisingly, I haven't seen Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. It's one of those movies that I've always assumed that I watched at some point. I'm going to wait until the series is over to watch it. It will be more fun that way.

6. Taboo - OK, I can't really say much about this show because I gave up after two episodes, but Jesus fucking Christ was it difficult to get through those two episodes. I struggled with every minute. Not only was it boring, but Hardy's accent is hard to understand. And I'm usually pretty good with accents. I decided to cut it out of my life quickly instead of furthering the torture.

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