Tuesday, July 5, 2016

3 Thoughts on Captain America: Civil War

1. Team Iron Man - I was always Team Iron Man, even before I knew anything about Civil War. I've never really been a fan of Captain America, although it's not like I dislike him or anything. He's just blah, and Chris Evans is blah (I KNOW, I KNOW. He's got nice abs.). When I learned that Captain America and Iron Man would face off, and we sort of saw the hint of this "war" in Age of Ultron, I assumed Iron Man would be the "villain", especially since it's a Captain America movie. Plus, literally everyone I follow on Twitter declared #TeamCap way before the release of the film (I assumed the comics put Iron Man on the wrong side), but boy was I wrong. After seeing the film, it's quite obvious that Iron Man is right. I don't understand how ANYONE could watch this and argue it any other way. While we've spent years celebrating heroes and their vigilantism, we can all agree that their brand of justice is not on the right side of the law....right???

2. The Bucky element - So, not only does Cap argue against a fair and reasonable accord that would allow them to legally capture terrorists and save the world, but he also risks the lives of millions to SAVE HIS FRIEND?! I don't understand this whole relationship. I understand that he wants to support his friend, and that Bucky was brainwashed. But he is still a villainous character. The great superhero stories give the bad guys a history and possibly a sympathetic one (Daredevil's Wilson Fisk is a great example of this), but that doesn't make his actions any less evil. The "right" thing to do in this case is to allow Bucky to be captured and ensure that he is treated fairly, not allow him to escape so that he could possibly be "triggered" again to commit a terrorist act. This movie does an okay job of making Cap still be the "good guy", arguing for freedom (WOHOO GO AMERICA GO), but if you really analyze the message and the story, he just wants to be free to save his bff and it is a very anti-American message. Also, I still can't look at Bucky and not think of Carter Baizen, who was a complete asshole on Gossip Girl. It's hard for me to root for him because of this, to be honest.

3. Spider-Man and Black Panther - The parts that I was most excited about going into this movie were the new Spider-Man and the introduction of Black Panther. Both of these parts I enjoyed, but I wasn't wowed by either of them. Tom Holland nails the whole kid from Queens act, that neither Maguire or Garfield could do, and his Spider-Man is a lot of fun - dorky, and adorable. I think I would have enjoyed it more if he was featured more, but the small taste that we got is definitely intriguing. Black Panther was a little bit dull, although I appreciate that his "origin story" is told rather quickly, so hopefully his movie will not be a rehash of these events because that would be really boring. I'm glad that both of these characters were on Iron Man's side because that makes me like both of them more (and, consequently like Hawkeye and Ant-Man less).

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