Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Summer Movie Preview: 13 Movies That I Am Excited About

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron (5/1) - The first one was a ton of fun. I haven't watched the trailer for the sequel yet, but everyone was FLIPPING OUT about it, so I take that as a good sign. I did read that Scarjo has a bigger role, which, for me, is not a good thing. I thought she was the weakest link in the first one. I'm also not really looking forward to Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver, because one, I hate him and, two, Evan Peters did such an awesome job with the role already in X-Men: Days of Future Past, there's no way he can compete. Anyway, I'm sure the movie is still going to rule the summer and I'm hopeful that it's going to be a blast. In Joss, I trust.

2. Welcome to Me (5/1) - I really, really love Kristen Wiig. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses (especially after The Skeleton Twins). She has the perfect balance that is required for "dramedy" roles. I could see her being nominated for an Oscar soon. I also kind of love that Linda Cardellini is making a comeback (she didn't really go away, she's been doing voice work). With Mad Men, Bloodline and this movie, I am hopeful she stays in front of the camera (she's also the first person listed for Avengers: Age of Ultron on IMDB, which makes me laugh. Some intern is clearly behind the ball on that one).

3. Mad Max: Fury Road (5/15) - I saw the trailer for this before American Sniper, and HOLY SHIT! It looks completely insane. I've actually never seen any of the Mad Max movies (at least that I can remember), so I have no preconceived notion of it. I really have no plans of watching it, but maybe if I like this one, I will give it a shot.

4. Tomorrowland (5/22) - This movie looks pretty cool. There's some solid talent involved (Damon Lindelof, Brad Bird, George Clooney) and a pretty solid newcomer (Britt Robertson - who I really loved on two really awful CW shows - Life Unexpected and The Secret Circle). I know people shit on Lindelof, but I think he's a fantastically imaginative writer. So, there.

5. Aloha (5/29) - Bradley Cooper! Emma Stone! Bill Murray! Directed by Cameron Crowe! Sign me up!

6. Spy (6/5) - I think Melissa McCarthy can be very funny, but I also think she can be very not funny, as well. I wasn't really that excited for this; saw the trailer and it's not exactly laugh out loud....BUT, ROSE BYRNE (Love her so much) and JUDE LAW and ALLISON JANNEY?! Now that has potential. Plus, I laughed my ass off with both Bridesmaids and The Heat. 

7. Jurassic World (6/12) - The movie that I'm most excited about this summer!! While I didn't really like either of the sequels, I am a HUGE fan of Jurassic Park. It's the movie that made me love movies. It's the first big cinema experience that I can remember clearly. I was 12, and had seen plenty of movies that I loved dearly, but none had been this big. When it was over, I turned to my mother and said "AGAIN!". From the trailer, it's clearly trying to set up a "reboot" to the franchise and it seems to copy the same things that made the original so great (which could be terrible....or genius?). My only trepidation is Bryce Dallas Howard, because she is a horrible actress (seriously, she is the worst part of every movie that she is in).

8. Ted 2 (6/26) - I thought the first one was pretty hilarious. I mean, for a movie about a talking bear, it's pretty fucking good. I love when Mark Wahlberg does comedy. I don't know why, but I just think he's so funny. He's just such a naturally serious guy, so it works well when he breaks away from that.

9. Irrational Man (7/17) - Not only is it a Woody Allen film (already sold), but it's Allen working with one of my favorite actors, Joaquin Phoenix. It's an odd pairing, but I think it might work brilliantly. I love how awkward and odd Phoenix is, and I think the Allen dialogue is going to really bring out these features.

10. Ant-Man (7/17) - I know absolutely nothing about Ant-Man. I will always watch superhero movies with an initial glee, though. I actually like when I don't know the history behind the character, because then everything is a surprise. I love Paul Rudd, but I think he's an odd choice for a superhero. I guess we'll see how it goes (although I was infinitely more excited when Edgar Wright was the director).

11. Southpaw (7/24) - I'm not really big on boxing movies, but when they're good....they're really good (like The Fighter). Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal hasn't had a misstep in 5 years, so I trust he's continuing his trend of meaty roles.

12. Fantastic Four (8/7) - The Fantastic Four movies are pure garbage. Seriously. However, in the new land of superhero movies, a reboot is inevitable and the only thing that is going to peak my interest is the casting. And boy, did they knock it out of the park with the casting for this. I mean, they are actually young actors who can....*gasp*...act! Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan AND my favorite Kate Mara! I am soooo freakin' excited. Plus, I really liked Chronicle, so I am excited to see what Josh Trank has in store for us next.

13. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (8/14) - I'm excited for a Guy Ritchie movie that is not Sherlock Holmes related. Plus, I love spy stuff that isn't Bond related. It's win, win, really,

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