Monday, December 8, 2014

3 Thoughts on Big Hero 6

1. Smart kids rule - I don't think it's a new trend to have so-called "geeks" as the leads in movies; however, I do think that most of the time, these geeks are shown getting made fun of; bullied and branded as the losers of their generation. This isn't very encouraging for the smart kids of the world. I don't think this is what the world is like, though. I was never made fun of for being smart. I think kids who get bullied are often bullied because they are insecure and/or ashamed of who they are (and the same can be said for people who are the bullies). This movie doesn't really do the whole bully angle. It shows this genius kid, who is quite cool, but most importantly he's confident, too. He's a little lost on how to utilize his intelligence, until his brother introduces him to a group of super smart students. A group of people who are changing technology and therefore, changing the world. It made me want to learn things; and I'm an adult. I imagine kids would be even more into it and that RULES.

2. Bah-a-la-la-la - By far, the best scene in the movie is the fist bump scene. You can find the scene on Youtube, but it loses something when it's out of context from the movie. The first introduction of Baymax to the fist bump, had me in tears. It's almost too cute to handle. Then, the gag is repeated several times and instead of being overdone, it just gets funnier and funnier. I often give fist bumps to my cats (they bump their heads onto my fist) and now I make the Baymax noise as I do it. It's the greatest thing ever.

3. The origin story - Not knowing the comic book story that it is based on; I was a little confused by the concept of the movie. I heard it was about 6 superheros, but only Baymax is featured in the trailer. I didn't realize that it's an origin story about these superheroes. So, Baymax is featured more in the beginning, but then the group starts to form - each with their own scientifically based "super power". The story is way too predictable and it could have moved a little quicker, but overall I really enjoyed all of the characters, the action, the technology and the world of "San Fransokyo" that is realized. I would totally watch a sequel.

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