Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Thoughts on Kill the Messenger

1. It's a 90's kind of movie - Yes, the movie takes place in the 90's, so that makes sense, but I am talking about the feeling of the movie. It's a cautionary thriller about the dangers that journalists face to obtain the truth, when it's something that the government is purposely hiding. It's an obvious story, that has been done many times, and I feel like we are past that point. It's no longer shocking that the government is lying. So, the story relies on other things, like the pace, the acting and the cinematography - all of which are average. I liked the movie; I was interested while watching it. I just couldn't help but think how great it would have been if it came out in 1999, instead of 2014.

2. Jeremy Renner returns to acting - While it's a satisfying performance, it's nothing to rave about. However, I am very happy that Renner has returned to a dramatic acting role. With the latest string of Avengers, Bourne and Witch Hunter roles, I was getting incredibly nervous for his career. He is such a strong actor, I was afraid we were losing this talent for the "big blockbuster" roles. He was strong in American Hustle, but that performance (and the movie) felt a bit "showy" to me. And we was in The Immigrant, but it wasn't really memorable at all. Do you remember his performance in The Town? Because it was fucking brilliant. I still get chills from that scene. Of course, there is also his sublime performance in The Hurt Locker, as well. THIS is the Jeremy Renner that I want in my life, on the big screen.

3. The ending - *spoilers, if you don't already know the story* - Even though the story is obvious and well-known, I wasn't really familiar with it. So, I kept thinking - how do they corroborate that this is, in fact, a "true story". It's told mostly from his perspective, so we only know what he is telling us, yet his "facts" have been disproved. As an audience, we are supposed to believe him, but it would have been a much stronger story if it were all a lie. The movie ends with a written narrative of what happens after the movie - and boy, is it depressing. First, some of his findings are found truthful - and fully admitted by the government, but it was overshadowed by Clinton's controversy. Second, he committed suicide! Man, what a soul-destroying fucking ending. Not really very motivated for the truth-seekers of the world.

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