Sunday, March 16, 2014

3 Thoughts on The Lego Movie

1. It's super cute, but not thaaaat super cute - I had no interest in seeing this movie; especially paying to see it in a theater, but the amazing reviews just kept pouring in and I was swayed. It's a cute movie, really charming and witty. Is it worthy of the the praise, though? I'm not so sure. It's one of those movies that is hard to criticize, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best movie ever. I should have known when people started comparing it to the Toy Story movies that I wouldn't be as enchanted with it as most people- similarly, the Toy Story movies are hard to criticize so people praise them beyond belief. It's movies like these that make me feel like an outsider (which is the exact opposite of the feelings that should occur), simply because it's aimed at gaining nostalgia from an adult audience about their childhood toys. If you are a child who didn't grow up surrounded by toys; these movies are pretty depressing (I did have a few toys growing up, but I certainly didn't have any attachment to these toys. The only toy I was attached to was a stuffed "Littlefoot" from The Land Before Time. I was a super lonely child.). I just don't get a sense of nostalgia from toy stuff (80's that's another story!) and I don't think I've ever played with Lego's. I just honestly don't get it.

2. The song from Hell - If you think everyone is annoying as they shout "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME", after seeing this movie, then just wait until you see it yourself! It's the most annoying song ever - and guess what? It's supposed to be annoying...and meaningless. It's the ultimate irony that people are enjoying this song; a song that is essentially representing how robotic, vapid and conformed our culture is. It's a glossy pop song that can be interchanged with any other glossy pop song currently on the radio. I feel like if you enjoy the song, and even worse, repetitively quote the song, then you've sort of missed the point of the movie.....right? It's even more depressing that it's Tegan and Sara singing it!! WHAT?! WHY?! They are AWESOME...this song is not.

3. The "cameos" - The part of the movie that I absolutely love is the "cameos", so to speak. Sure, there are a ton of famous voices, but the roles I'm talking about are the appearances of Batman (who actually has a large part), Superman and Green Lantern (voiced by the 21 Jumpstreet duo Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, and they are hilarious together), and both Michaelangelo, the teenage mutant ninja turtle, and Michaelangelo, the painter - just to name a few. It made the movie a lot of fun to watch, but also made every second of it essential viewing. Don't blink or you'll miss something!

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