Sunday, September 22, 2013

3 Thoughts on We're the Millers

1. Jason Sudeikis is not funny - I really don't get it. He's mildly entertaining, at best.  Definitely not funny enough to be the lead in a comedic movie.  I'm not an avid SNL viewer (although I used to be), but he's been on the show for a decent stretch and I can't remember one skit, scene, character etc. that blew me away. He was the worst part of Horrible Bosses and ugh....remember when he hosted the MTV Movie Awards? Just awful. He's just so ordinary. Although, I could very well be jealous; I mean, he's engaged to Olivia Wilde. The world is an unfair place.

2. The "stand-out" moments - Overall, the movie is unexpectedly bland.  However, there are 3 things from it that I will remember for all of eternity.  These 3 moments made the other 95 minutes worth it.  The ironic part is that 2 of them, have nothing to do with the movie.  The first moment, happens right at the beginning with David (Sudeikis) browsing YouTube, watching this video: . It's a 3 year old video with over 70 million hits, but I'm not really a YouTube watcher, so I've never seen it (I know, seeing that I am a self-identified crazy cat lady, most people assume that I sit around and watch cat videos all day, but I promise, I don't).  I can't stop watching it. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.  The second moment is Kenny rapping to the 'Left Eye' part in "Waterfalls": (this is from the trailer, so it's not a spoiler, really.  Although, I didn't see the trailer before the movie, so I wasn't expecting this).  I laughed. I laughed hard - almost brought me to tears.  Kenny (played by Will Poulter), is the best part of the movie.  He out-shined the "big name" co-stars by a mile.  The third moment is part of the outtakes at the end. It's the last moment of the movie and it is the funniest. It's an outtake from Kenny's big rap moment and it's Friends related. I won't link it because all of the videos of it were obtained illegally (but you can totally find it, if you want).

3. So much potential - The most disappointing part of the movie is that it has so much potential to be a hilarious movie.  It has all of the key elements required - great cast (even though I'm not a fan of Sudeikis, his mild tone works well with Aniston), great supporting characters, a fun "dysfunctional family" plot and some solid jokes.  The movie tries too hard to be mean-spirited, offensive and shocking that it loses everything that makes it good.  It's tedious to sit through and it feels really, really long.  When a comedy is good, I don't want it to end; with this movie, I found myself wishing for the end more than a few times.

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