Monday, February 25, 2013

3 Thoughts on Warm Bodies

1. I didn't hate Nicholas Hoult - I usually do.  I thought he was the most annoying little kid ever to grace the screen in About a Boy and oh, how I loathed him on Skins.  Then, he played a few small roles in a few big movies (X-Men: First Class, Clash of the Titans) and he still annoyed the fuck out of me.  Someone is intent on making him "a thing" with his starring role in this film and the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer (which looks horrendous).  I really wanted to see this movie, despite his starring role and I am glad that I did.  He wasn't as annoying as usual, because this role was better suited to him (you know, as a lifeless zombie).  I laughed quite a bit at his awkward zombie-in-love bit ("Don't be creepy".).  The rest of the cast is equally enjoyable, especially Dave Franco!!  How great would this movie be if HE was the starring role???

2. It's smart, but also sooo stupid - Always a smart idea to capitalize on a trend, but also put a spin on it.  Zombies are a trend right now (again), and will likely remain a trend with the upcoming film World War Z (I am looking forward to it, even though it could be terrible).  It's also smart to make it a rom-com with a twist (and to release it around Valentine's Day - someone had their thinking cap on).  However, the film isn't very intelligent or cohesive.  One minute the zombies are slow, the next minute they can run.  One minute they can't do more than groan, the next they can talk coherently.  I understood the concept that "love" is changing them, but why is one zombie being in love, changing all of the zombies??  It really makes no sense.  It's hard to critique things that don't actually exist as not making "sense", but I think the writer, Jonathon Levine, should make decisions about his version of what a "zombie" is and stick with it.  I suggest as an audience member, in order to fully enjoy the movie, you must turn your brain off and just go with it.

3. It should be funnier - There was some really funny dialogue, but it could have been better, more consistent and less repetitive. Even though I would recommend it, I am a little bit disappointed that the film didn't take full advantage of its amazing concept.  


  1. Yeah, I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would, though it didn't blend genres quite as well as Shaun of the Dead. I was hoping it would have been a bit funnier, but I will give it major points for the whole Brain-eating = flashbacks of the victim device. That was pretty genius.

    1. YES! You are right - that part is genius!!!