Thursday, November 22, 2012

3 Thoughts on Wreck-It Ralph

1. It was cute, but a little too cute - The best way to describe Wreck-It Ralph is that it's super-duper cute and cuddly, warm and fuzzy, with hot fudge and sprinkles and a cherry on top.  The trailer is a bit misleading, in that it depicts a movie that is geared towards an older generation (the generation that grew up with Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man), but it is very much a kids movie.  And for a kids movie, it is great.  The kids that were in the theater were having a ball, laughing the whole way through.  Surprisingly, it is geared towards young girls, more so than young boys (which is AWESOME!!!).  For me, however, it was fun, but way too sugary sweet.  Once the nostalgia factor wears off, it becomes a little taxing to watch. 

2. The cast was perfect, but a little too perfect - John C. Reilly as the dopey outcast; Sarah Silverman as the sarcastic but lovable brat; Jack McBrayer as the "gee, golly, shucks" good guy; Jane Lynch as the kick-ass, take-charge leader.  All are spot-on.  So spot on that it feels like a cliche.  After about an hour, all of their voices annoyed the shit out of me. 

3. It was funny, but not funny enough - The only reason that I wanted to see this movie was because the trailer made me laugh.  I didn't really laugh out loud at all and that is the most disappointing part.  The scene that is featured in the trailer with the bad guy support group (that led me to believe it was geared for an older audience) isn't funny after you've seen it multiple times. The movie needed to have more of those moments, though, instead of all that heartwarming, mushy stuff. 

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